AirTurn | AirTurn DIGIT III


Customizable remote control for your Bluetooth 4 compatible tablet, smartphone, PC, or MAC!

  • Presentations
  • Teleprompters
  • Page turns
  • Media players
  • Cameras
  • And More!


Featuring a lightweight and ergonomic design, the AirTurn DIGIT III fits easily in your pocket or may be attached to a lanyard, keyring, or strap for easy access.

  • Favorite Apps: Hundreds of compatible apps for presentations, photos, video, and more including Keynote and Powerpoint.
  • App Control: Seven built-in modes store switch commands that work with hundreds of apps including those supported with AirDirect.
  • Customize: Create commands for almost any app that responds to keystrokes, macros, mouse clicks, or MIDI with the free AirTurn Manager.
  • Updates: AirTurn Manager supports Over-the-Air updates to firmware for the latest features.
  • Versatile: Designed for easy attachment using a lanyard, keyring, or strap.
  • Ergonomic: Molded exterior with curvature provides a solid grip and feels great in the hand.
  • Max Range: At 150+ feet, AirTurn leads the industry’s operating range.
  • Max Battery Life: A rechargeable battery provides 150+ hours of play time with a single charge.
  • Pairing Options: Choose open pairing for instant connections when switching between devices. Choose closed pairing to store a single connection and prevent unintended connection to other devices.
  • Compatibility: Works with devices that have Bluetooth 4 or higher.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration (includes battery).

Product Weight: 1.1 oz (.03 kg)

Product Dimensions: 3.7x1.52 x.51 in (93 x 32 x 13mm)

Download PDF | Explore Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC | Product Manual

MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.

Handheld Remote for Presentations and Teleprompters

The AirTurn DIGIT III is ergonomic and discrete, making it an excellent choice for presenting and teleprompting! There are many compatible apps, and it may also be custom programmed for your particular needs.

Handheld Remote for Camera and Media Control

Take selfies with a portable remote that fits on a lanyard or keyring. Filming or vlogging? Keep your focus on your content and start/stop recording remotely!

For singers, FOH engineers, and party hosts who wish to turn pages or control volume, play/pause, and track control! Seamlessly cue your page turns or audio changes right from your hand!

Customize your remote to control your favorite media player, YouTube, Zoom, and more using the free AirTurn Manager app.


This device replaces my original air turn that was giving me connectivity issues. I passed my old device (foot pedals and all) onto a friend with an older iPad and it is working fine for him. This unit works perfect with my iPad Pro which I use for PowerPoint presentations. Thanks.

— John P. on May 23, 2019


Very simple to use. I bought another to have as a backup. Works great.

— Dana T. on May 23, 2019

Great product!

It has work for me as I expected.

— Martin H. on February 16, 2019


This was the best purchase. I can now move from page to page without any effort at all.

— Susan D. on February 13, 2019

King of the hill!!!

I really like the Airturn Digit lll! It was easy to pair and it paired quickly! The app that is available really makes the learning curve easy!! I had purchased the remote for another purpose but preferred it’s operation with my Mac Book Pro or my iPad! The Remote makes my reading a relaxing process where I can read my ebooks on my 55 inch t.v. rather than my Mac Book Pro. The ease of use because of the wonderful ‘buttons’ allows me to read seamlessly while sitting on the couch, a much more comfortable position than sitting at the table with the laptop!! Life is good again because I’m reading more!!! All thanks to Airturn Digit lll!!!

— Guy B. on April 8, 2018

Great Product!

Tested it on my iPad, iPhone and PC - works great on all devices, looking forward to discovering even more ways to use this great little remote!

— Joyce R. on March 4, 2018

Performs as expected

Has the functionality advertised, was easy to set up and performs beautifully

— Norma S. on January 26, 2018

Great hand-held page turner

Larger than the AirTurn Digit II, but still small enough to hold in your hand. What I like best about the AirTurn Digit III is that it will run for 150 hours between charges.

— Eugene W. on December 31, 2017

Nicely engineered Digit III

Very easy to setup and use with IOS11 and Keynote on my iPad when giving talks.

— Fred M. on November 29, 2017

Great Product

Great product. I use this for all my shows to control my little iPod touch. Works well even from across the stage (20-30'). Reconnects every time without a problem.

— Ken S. on November 15, 2017


It works well, but I would have liked it more if it were half the size. It needs to be smaller.

— Mark C. on November 11, 2017

Remote control for ipad

I use the remote primarily for itunes and it works well.

— Vincent B. on November 11, 2017