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Joe Gransden’s Big Band Goes Digital

Joe Gransden and his talented 16 piece Big Band have been playing together in Atlanta and all around the country for the past 9 years. The band is referred to as one of the busiest groups on the jazz scene because of their consistent, weekly performances and appearances. Before Joe started his band, he played trumpet in the iconic Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Once Joe Gransden’s Big Band began to book gigs around the country and started traveling with all of their cumbersome paper charts and equipment Joe quickly realized the need for a better music reading solution. As soon as Joe heard about using digital music charts and AirTurn products he took the plunge and got Apple iPad Pros, goSTANDs, MANOS universal tablet holders, and DUO footswitches for everyone in his band. Joe explained to us that “going digital and going with the AirTurn foot pedals and AirTurn stands has completely enhanced our performance.”

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Joe Gransden’s Big Band Goes Digital