"Never miss a note on a page turn again. [AirTurn] is great for turning sheet music in the ForScore app while playing chamber music. It allows me to keep playing my violin (which requires 2 hands) and turn the page at the same time."


"Wish I had this sooner! Works perfectly with my intended use. I play guitar and use a drum app. This pedal allows me to start and stop the beat with my feet allowing me to keep my hands on the guitar not losing my rhythm. I also love the multi-use of the pedal for other situations such as keynote speaking hands free, page turning, etc.."

Daniel K.

"This thing is great and absolutely perfect for what I need as a musician. I use two iPads (an 11 Pro and a 12.9 Pro) on this stand for my sheet music and effects/models. Stable, sturdy, and portable! Perfect for rehearsals, jams, or on stage."


"I use this to turn over pages while playing in a symphony orchestra. I absolutely love this, and my only regret is not buying it earlier to save the hassle of having to turn pages and missing a few measure of not playing. Would highly recommend!"

Leonardo L.

"We are gigging musicians, so we use this stand on a regular basis as a music stand for gigs. We love it cuz it is light weight, easy to haul around to gigs and does the trick perfectly."

Kim C.

"This product is awesome!!! I use the OnSong app for my music and got tired of hitting the screen to auto scroll, or stop it and swipe to next song, or scroll to the next song etc....So super helpful especially as a guitar player that needs both hands to play...Used it for 6 full sets so far and no charge needed. Great pedal!"

Eric H.

"Great for productivity. The AirTurn software is really great for setting this thing up exactly how you want it. I've programmed some Photoshop and Logic Pro shortcuts on here so that when i'm working, I can save time! easily start and stop recording with a tap... easily undo / redo with another."


"Being a solo artist/producer I wanted something to supplement my workflow besides a desktop midi controller. To be able to control functions with my feet saves time and energy. May not seem like a big deal until you have to stop everything your doing 15 times to do takes. Just use your feet."

Michelle P.

"I use this to start/stop my backing tracks when I play my acoustic shows. The 2nd button is programmed to skip a track on my software and the 3rd and 4th to raise/lower the accompaniment volume. So it interfaces with both the software for my music and the hardware of my phone in one integrated package. Really cool little gizmo."

Jacob S.


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