Become an Affiliate

Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing provides a great way to earn extra income for your company using the digital assets you already have. By introducing your customers and visitors through your website, app, social media, etc., you can get a commission every time a sale is made.

How it Works

Use a unique link provided to you on your website. When a visitor uses your link to make a purchase at AirTurn, you earn money. Commissions range from 10-15% and are paid monthly by check or PayPal when earnings have reached a minimum of $50.

Ways to Market

There are many ways you can earn commissions.


One of the most effective ways is to write a blog and insert text links and pictures. For example, you could write about how the footswitch enhances practice and performance, or great ways to hold your tablet and microphone!


A second way to do this is through a banner ad that you create or use one from the Affiliate program and insert it on your site. These promotions can earn money day after day and require very little effort.


When you send out newsletters, you can add either an infomercial or simply a benefit statement, a picture, and link to an AirTurn page.

Social Media

Add a picture, statement, and link to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or your favorite platform. Say something compelling with your post to drive your reader to click!


Find a creative way to get your customers' attention and then drive them to the AirTurn site to buy! Add your own pictures or videos.


Participate in promotions launched by AirTurn to give customers a reason to come back. Showcase new products, repost sales and share blogs and newsletters. AirTurn gives you more reasons to be in touch with your customers!

Keys to Success

Getting started only costs a few minutes of your time. However, if you want to build a solid revenue stream, like any venture in business, you’ll need to invest a bit more time and thought.

Speak to Your Audience

If your customers are classical musicians, ask them if they would like to keep their hands on their instrument and not have to touch a screen to turn a page? Would a jazz musician want to go through their whole set without the audience noticing they have music on a tablet? What benefit do you want to sell your audience?

Target Benefits

It is impossible to speak to every audience and that is where you play a part. You have a special relationship with your users, and you know what they need and want. Your expertise is valuable because the more you know the more you can sell. By matching the appropriate benefit of an AirTurn product with your customer, the more likely they will click through and purchase.

Consultative Selling

By consulting with your customer instead of selling to your customer, you build trust, and the information you provide ultimately helps sell products. If you demonstrate the solution to your customer, they are more eager to purchase. Write a story or talk about your own experience, and show your audience how they can improve their musical lives with these products.

Keeping up

If you want to increase your affiliate commission, keep up with new content and promotions. Communicate product info, discount coupons, bundles, and new ideas. Add new creatives regularly. Present something new to your audience every couple of weeks!

Getting Started

It’s easiest to start with what you know. Create a blog about the products you are comfortable speaking about, and have your unique links tagged in your article. They are easy to make and insert and you are off and running. Send your next email with a banner or link and build it from there!

Good Luck!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “the harder I work the luckier I get.” Enjoy this exciting new venture and happy selling. AirTurn looks forward to a long relationship and writing you big checks!


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