AirTurn | MANOS Universal Tablet Holder

MANOS Universal Tablet Holder

Hold anything from a smartphone to an iPad Pro, with or without a case!

  • Holds smartphones and tablets from 5” to 13.3”
  • Works with or without a protective case
  • Displays your tablet without obstruction
  • Easily rotates between portrait and landscape
  • Fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread


Featuring a rugged heavy-duty design, the MANOS universal tablet mount holds smartphones and tablets from 5" to 13.3" with or without a protective casing. It displays your device without obstruction, easily rotates between portrait and landscape, fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread, and lays flat to fit in your gig bag or backpack!

  • Universal: Compatible with all phones and tablets up to 13.3", and most protective cases, including iPad Pro and Otterbox. Accepts the widest range of devices on the market. (Narrowest tablet dimension can be up to 8.75"/22.2cm)
  • Classy: Provides an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.
  • Versatile: Delivers smooth 360° rotation, locking positions in portrait and landscape, and vertical tilt for all reading positions.
  • Innovative: Includes specialized rubber fingers for maximum grip on the widest range of surface materials and textures.
  • Portable: Lays flat and fits in a gig bag or backpack.
  • Convenient: Attaches to any standard 5/8-27 threaded microphone stand.
  • Durable: Crafted from virtually indestructible ABS blended plastic and stainless-steel parts.
  • Performance: Designed and built in the USA with premium materials that will outlast your device.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration.

Product Weight: 9.3 oz (.26 kg)

Product Dimensions: 13x5x3 in (330x127x76mm)

Download PDF | Product Manual

*NOTE: microphone & mic stand sold separately.


CLEAR WORKSPACE: The AirTurn Desktop Clamp offers a convenient solution by allowing the user to mount their tablet to the side of most tabletops, creating a clear workspace.

MIC MOUNTING: The classic AirTurn Side Mount Clamp allows the display of lyrics/slides conveniently in view without compromising the traditional placement of a microphone.

STAND EXTENSION: The AirTurn goSTAND and BOOM offer greater accessibility when reading or watching from a bed or recliner.

Best Tablet Holder for Page Turning and Performance

Many performers find ease in storing digital sheet music, lyrics, notation, or tabs on their tablet or phone. Other performers use their tablets to control audio, lighting, back tracks, metronomes, and more!

With the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder, you can mount your tablet or phone almost anywhere. The most common places are either on top of or on the side of your mic stand. Using one of three different side clamps, one or two devices may be easily mounted to the post of the mic stand.

Enjoy an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.

Universal Tablet Holder for Presentations and Teleprompters

Perfect for slideshow and teleprompter apps! Presenters can easily present from their own device and enjoy the ability to view larger text with smooth 360° rotation for locking portrait and landscape positions.

Mount your tablet or phone for easy viewing, or discretely display your script out of audience view. The universal compatibility allows users to quickly change devices on the fly, and easy access to charging ports guarantees you'll have power when you need it the most.

Tablet Mount for Vlogging, YouTube Setup, and Video Capture

The Manos Universal Tablet Holder is an excellent choice for Vlogging equipment and YouTube setup. Mount your tablet for an easy podcast station or create your own grip rig.

Great for sports analysis apps to improve your swing. Use with a Bluetooth Pedal for a hands-free experience. Start and stop recording and playback, with the press of a foot switch, to keep your head in the game!

The Manos is ultra-portable and fits in a backpack!

Tablet Display for Bed, Desktop, Kitchen, or Workspace

The MANOS works well for both seated and standing setups. Whether you are watching movies, playing games, or reading books in bed, the MANOS is a versatile mounting option.

Even when using a tablet for webinars or video calls, following a recipe or filming in the kitchen, or watching videos for a DIY project in the workshop; The MANOS does it all! For convenient desktop mounting, combine the MANOS with our Desktop Clamp.

Combine it with our goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand and Telescoping Boom for the perfect accessible solution. Optimize your workspace and keep your tablet or phone handy without it getting in the way!

Tablet POS Stand and Kiosk Display

Running your POS or kiosk from a tablet? The AirTurn MANOS is perfect for in-store tablet mounting. The AirTurn Desktop Clamp is the perfect companion for your tablet POS or kiosk when mounting to a desk. For a walk-up standing solution, combine with the goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand. This entire setup fits in a backpack, and would be perfect for quick setup events or trade shows. Check out the AirTurn TechAssist to save on a bundle!

Manos Stand with 2018 12.9 iPad Pro

Works well with Airturn stand. Holds the tablet firmly, even with the Zygo case for iPad. Seems to be best with the flat pads on the back, vs. the right corners Manos comes with for smaller tablets.

— John H. on March 22, 2019

Manos Universal TAblet Holder

So far it works faulessly... very sturdy and well made.

— William H. on February 19, 2019

Manos Tablet Holder

Item was perfect. I use it when leading a class or sing along. Holds my new 12.9” iPad perfectly. I really like the fact that I can change the orientation. My wife uses it with some online piano lessons.

— Frank M. on February 8, 2019

Manos Tablet Holder

It is working well enough for my I pad pro 12.9, but it fits sideways (9") , so makes me a little nervous, it would be good if it would fit the iPad lengthwise at 12" would feel safer, otherwise it is great

— mehlinda h. on January 4, 2019

So amazing and convenient

I love the MANOS and the Portable Music stand. I have used this equipment on several mission trips and other performances where I needed to carry as little as possible. It's super convenient and I recommend to everyone who asks. I love that it all fits in my backpack and that there are accessories. The only thing that would make it better is an attachment not only extend left/right but in addition forward/backwords.

— Megan T. on November 2, 2018

Great Accessory!

I used this to mount my iPad Pro, as a sound source, via a boom stand for 2 performances and not a hitch. Nice locking and the option of portrait or landscape was useful and added to a cool stage look.

— Ronald D. on October 31, 2018

MANOW Universal Tablet Holder

Very responsive to turning sideways quickly when needed. Versatile—I use it to hold my phone when live streaming performances to facebook. A wonderful support to my iPad Pro and the music for all my various ensembles.

I’ve had trouble with the mic stand that is supposed to support it. The bottom stem does not hold or latch so I’ve had to use duct tape to make it work. So, the stand does not fold up compactly which is a bit of an inconvenience.

— Dorothy W. on July 28, 2018

Could not have asked for better!

I’m bought this stand to use with an iPad in an Otterbox Defender case. The everything fits great! I was also needing something that was very transportable and quick to setup, this product exceeded all my expectations.

— Todd T. on April 16, 2018

Very Good Products and nice service

I'm really satisfied with the Air Turn company products

— Igor O. on March 18, 2018

Tablet holder

Great. Love it!!

— Terrell E. on March 1, 2018

Bought Manos universal tablet holder and gostand

Had some trouble with the product, service was exceptional helping me figure it out, works great now. Extremely happy with Product and service. Note that the universal tablet holder will not work if your 12.9 inch has a thick case. Cheers

— Daniel K. on January 12, 2018

Iiiiiiiiitttttttsssssss great!

A fellow musician kept eyballing my manos, he bought one of those chepo crepo holders and it broke, so his wife had me purchase him one for Christmas. He love it. So strdy. Keep up the good work! Steve

— Steve C. on January 11, 2018

I love it!

Great device. I have used it (and Air Turn Duo) for recording while playing and while singing. It’s excellent for making music performance videos as it can be hidden off camera. It’s also very convenient for classical guitar practice!

— Garry E. on December 30, 2017

No dropping the music!

This is a great gizmo for steadily holding any size tablet. I never have to be afraid that a little nudge to the ordinary music stand is going to send my tablet flying or crashing to the floor! Attaching to a mic stand is easy. With a little adapter (hardware store!) one can go from mic-stand thread to a camera tripod thread. And the Universal Arm can attach to a music stand or other contraption. Well done, AirTurn!

— Candace M. on December 19, 2017

A must have with iPad and OnSong

This just makes so much sense. Turn the page forward with right pedal, back with left. It never fails, jost lets you play well, sans paper. all the Air Turn products and stands are well built. They will likely outlive me.

— Charles F. on November 11, 2017

iPad Air 12.9 and Otterbox Defender case

I was looking for a holder for my 12.9" iPad Air fitted with the Otterbox Defender case protector; the Manos mount has worked perfect for me. I have it mounted to an Atlas tripod mic stand, and use it to view cord sheets for the worship sets at the church I attend. The Manos does not allow the iPad to slip and the iPad is easy to attach and quick to remove when I'm finished. If you're in a similar situation I'd recommend You taking a look at the Manos, very satisfied with the purchase and it's made in the USA.

— Eric on November 24, 2016

Tablet Mount Fits Everything!

I am very happy with this product and find it truly fits everything I own - a Dell 11" Tablet, my iPad 2, my iPad mini - in cases or not. The devices are held securely and it rotates easily when desired. I frequently teach by Skype and the device can be turned quickly to focus on me or my instrument. I highly recommend it.

— Alys on July 31, 2016

Very good tablet holder with great support

At least a tablet mount that one can orient at almost any angle, making your tablet easier to read. A simple design that holds the I-Pad securely, it lost one of its rubber pad on the first use.

The support team was great and had never seen this part coming off the assembly. They quickly sent me a couple of replacements and suggested to use strong glue to keep them in place. So far, it has been great and has beaten several models I had previously purchase from other vendors.

— Serge on June 23, 2016

Awesome holder


— Steve on June 8, 2016

iPad Pro works great

We have outfitted our quintet with iPad Pros running ForScore. Musicians are notoriously careless with equipment so protection was our primary concern. We purchased Gumdrop Cases covers that offer great protection from drops but makes the iPad Pro a bit more bulky than most cases.

The Manos mount works great, even with the extra large case. We also purchased the goStand and AirTurn Ped for each as well as a clamp-on holder for the Violins/Violas/Bows. What we have is a VERY sturdy stand and mount for the iPad pro with pedal to turn pages and a place for the musicians to hang their instrument and bow when not playing. With over 10,000 pieces of sheet music scanned and categorized, we have a whole library of music for weddings and events that can be searched easily and playlists programmed for minimal silence between songs.

I highly recommend the Manos, goStand/ PED combination. Each stand weighs less than a typical music stand and compacts into a very small package.

— Jerry on January 30, 2016

Excellent Holder for my iPad Air 2

This holder works as advertised. It easily holds my iPad Air 2 vertically or horizontally. It rotates easily, yet latches strongly. I've had no issues or concerns about issues. I have my iPad in a simple cover. I attend jams where paper is often shared and I find it easy to clip a page to my iPad/Manos in vertical format. No worries.

— anonymous on December 13, 2015

The best $49 spent

I love this iPad mount. I am a private music teacher and last week I wanted to video (top view looking down at the keyboard) my students playing their recital pieces,

For the first student I held the iPad up over their head. Hard on my arms. With the rest of the students I mounted the iPad on the brace and didn't have to hold the iPad. Yesterday I played flute music at a luncheon and I read the music from my iPod mounted on the brace and had several people come over to talk to me after I finished and they asked, "now is that an iPad and I said yes" and they said that's a neat way to hold it on the stand.

So I love my purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

— Ellie on May 3, 2015


This is just what I needed . I am a piano player in a band and this tablet mount works really well. I use it with my iPad 2 mounted on the "go stand". It is very sturdy and now that you have added the new "T knob" to prevent the pivot from slipping it's simply the best. I highly recommend it.

— S. Hannah on March 29, 2015

Love the Airturn Manos!

I am a singer/ukelele player in an acoustic duo. I waited to review the Airturn Manos Tablet Mount until I had put it through a few months of regular gigs.

It has performed brilliantly! It folds flat, and takes up very little space in my bag. It is easy to attach to my mic stand with the side mount clamp. I have a military grade case that is very thick, and the clips hold it firm and steady. There is no wiggling while I tap or swipe the screen.
I have tried many, but this mount is the very best.

— anonymous on March 18, 2015

Well made, does the job properly

This holder is easy to use, and sturdily made. I use a Toshiba Excite 13, which is a monster-sized tablet, for my sheet music reading, and this holder will handle it. I'm impressed by the quality and versatility of the holder.

— kbdkitten on September 13, 2014

This product markets it's self on it's own!

Very durable, easy to use and certainly stands out in front of the others.. This device works very well on my 12.2 Samsung tablet. No slipping at all! Well done AirTurn!

— Ken. on August 14, 2014

Strong, sturdy... trustworthy for my large tablet!

I am a solo musician and I run my backing tracks over my tablet which is 10.1" and has a beefy flip/stand case on it. I can securely and quickly set it up, move it on the mic stand and it feels totally snug and safe. I used to have a heavy steel music tray which made my lightweight mic stand lean to one side. The tray was strong but had no "grip" so if it were to lean too far, my tablet, my performance would fall and I'd be done-for. That worry is over now. I'm also happy to say that as a professional entertainer, having something that is sleek and unobtrusive on stage as the AirTurn Manos Mount is. Not to mention that this is truly UNIVERSAL, so many of these tablet/phone mounts are only for Apple devices, what a blessing this is, BIG fan here, I fully endorse the AirTurn Manos Mount, I'll gladly recommend it to anyone who asks me about it!

— Ava Lemert on June 26, 2014

Room to spare

I'm not one to write reviews --- but this is just a really good product.

I've got an Asus eee Slate B121 - with a 12.1" screen. Up until now, I haven't found a mount big enough for it. I called AirTurn and immediately spoke with a completely knowledgeable person, who persuaded me that this would work. She even threw in a couple of extra clips to use in a pinch. And she told me that I could send it back if it didn't fit.
Well - it fit with room to spare. I use the slate to display sheet music when I play keyboards live. I used the Manos at a gig this past weekend and it worked perfectly. It was totally stable and solid. It's a great problem-solver and one of the most useful purchases I've made it a while. Highly recommended.

— Jon L on May 26, 2014

"Mom, look, no hands!"

The AirTurn is wonderful and dream come true for musicians. Downloading music to my IPAD is great, and I got tired of swiping the screen to the next page. I am so glad I found out about this new tool. No more trying to turn a page while playing the piano. The AirTurn has pedals to turn the page forward and backward. So easy to use!

— Maria Jacobsen on May 4, 2014

Searching for galaxy tab 2 10" stand adapter is over finally

I've got a few now and came across this one by accident online, and boy am I glad that I did. This tablet mic stand adapter works great. Thanks air turn!

— Mike on March 28, 2014

Great Product But...

This is an excellent product but it does not perfectly fit the Hannspree 13.3 inch tablet as one reviewer suggests. It does work okay in the landscape orientation but in the vertical orientation it slips through the grips with slight jostling. I was able to overcome the problem by adding a little more rubber padding to the pad contacts that touch the back of the pad. If you don't add some spacers the back of the pad will make contact with the turn knobs that lock the mount in position preventing those back rubber pads from making contact with the back of the tablet. This is not the fault of the product, it just doesn't quite fall into the size specifications on this model tablet. My suggestion would be to design this mount so it can accommodate more sizes or make a separate size unit for larger tablets and laptop screens that can be removed from their keyboards. It's an awesome device.

— Don Boudreau on March 2, 2014

Great product. However...

I'm one of those people that has a mic stand that looks like a hat tree. More stuff needed than before especially for VO work. Although the iPad holder is the best quality anyone could want by the time I add the mic and good size pop filter I'm relying on more clip on attachments than screw on types. Any way of getting a clip on adapter to go with the best hanger ever????

— James Armstrong. on February 22, 2014

Pretty Good, not the best for iPad Air

Alright, I bought this because I was looking for a mounting solution for my iPad air and for another tablet I use. It works pretty well for my Acer android tablet! My iPad air takes a little bit of manipulating to get it onto the mount without the clips covering portions of the screen on it. This is a minor problem because it is a fantastic piece of hardware besides that.

My only other problem with this mounting solution is that it doesn't come with an extension arm to attach it to a microphone stand that already has a microphone on it, you need to have a separate mic stand just for the tablet, or purchase an extension arm.

Good product, if you're thinking about getting it, get it!

It's fit every other person's ipad in the house even the ipad with an Otterbox.

— Ben on January 27, 2014

Better than expected

It's totally amazing!!!!!

— on January 27, 2014

The ONLY 13.3 tablet holder in the world!

I looked forever for a mic stand holder for my Hanspree 13.3 tablet. This was the only one that I could find. Fortunate for me it was also a well designed and well constructed holder. It works perfectly for me. Tablet seems to be secured and I am able to change the viewing angles with ease.

— Steve on January 3, 2014

Worth the wait

I needed it about a month ago while still in production and was tempted to pick up another mount but waited!! It was well worth the wait. The ability to easily, quickly, and most of all securely mount and turn my tablet is invaluable in situations where I need to be concerned about the music I'm playing vrs being concerned about whether or not the tablet is secure or not.. I can easily mount my 2014 Samsung with 70% of the tablet above the mount and it doesn't move period!! Its great!!

— Mike on December 16, 2013

Nice product to use for any occasion ware you don’t have to use your hands.

Very good an excellent piece that everyone should have, sometimes you need an reliable and secure holder to place you phone o iPad and this is the one. I try many others, but none as this one. Good job making this one. TK.

— GILBERTO P. on December 30, 2019