AirTurn | MANOS Tablet Holder w/Side Mount

MANOS Tablet Holder w/Side Mount

Hold anything from a smartphone to an iPad Pro, with or without a case!

  • Holds smartphones and tablets from 5” to 13.3”
  • Works with or without a protective case
  • Displays your tablet without obstruction
  • Easily rotates between portrait and landscape
  • Fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread

***Includes side mount clamp for accessories or when using a microphone***


Featuring a rugged heavy-duty design, the MANOS universal tablet mount holds smartphones and tablets from 5" to 13.3" with or without a protective casing. It displays your device without obstruction, easily rotates between portrait and landscape, fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread, and lays flat to fit in your gig bag or backpack. Use the Side Mount Clamp to attach to mic stands, poles, railings, and more!

  • Universal: Compatible with all phones and tablets up to 13.3", and most protective cases, including iPad Pro and Otterbox. Accepts the widest range of devices on the market. (Narrowest tablet dimension can be up to 8.75"/22.2cm)
  • Classy: Provides an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.
  • Versatile: Delivers smooth 360° rotation, locking positions in portrait and landscape, and vertical tilt for all reading positions.
  • Innovative: Includes specialized rubber fingers for maximum grip on the widest range of surface materials and textures.
  • Portable: Lays flat and fits in a gig bag or backpack.
  • Convenient: Holder attaches to any standard 5/8-27 threaded mic stand or mount, and Side Mount clamps to poles up to 1" in diameter.
  • Durable: Crafted from virtually indestructible ABS blended plastic and stainless-steel parts.
  • Performance: Designed and built in the USA with premium materials that will outlast your device.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration.

Product Weight: 1 lb 1 oz (.48 kg)

Product Dimensions: 13x5x3 in (330x127x76mm)

Download PDF | Product Manual

*NOTE: microphone & mic stand sold separately.


CLEAR WORKSPACE: The AirTurn Desktop Clamp offers a convenient solution by allowing the user to mount their tablet to the side of most tabletops, creating a clear workspace.

MIC MOUNTING: The classic AirTurn Side Mount Clamp Extended allows the display of lyrics/slides conveniently in view with room for extra extension away from the mic stand.

STAND EXTENSION: The AirTurn goSTAND and BOOM offer greater accessibility when reading or watching from a bed or recliner.

Best Tablet Holder for Page Turning and Performance

Many performers find ease in storing digital sheet music, lyrics, notation, or tabs on their tablet or phone. Other performers use their tablets to control audio, lighting, back tracks, metronomes, and more!

With the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder, you can mount your tablet or phone almost anywhere. The most common places are either on top of or on the side of your mic stand. Using one of three different side clamps, one or two devices may be easily mounted to the post of the mic stand.

Enjoy an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.

Universal Tablet Holder for Presentations and Teleprompters

Perfect for slideshow and teleprompter apps! Presenters can easily present from their own device and enjoy the ability to view larger text with smooth 360° rotation for locking portrait and landscape positions.

Mount your tablet or phone for easy viewing, or discretely display your script out of audience view. The universal compatibility allows users to quickly change devices on the fly, and easy access to charging ports guarantees you'll have power when you need it the most.

Tablet Mount for Vlogging, YouTube Setup, and Video Capture

The Manos Universal Tablet Holder is an excellent choice for Vlogging equipment and YouTube setup. Mount your tablet for an easy podcast station or create your own grip rig.

Great for sports analysis apps to improve your swing. Use with a Bluetooth Pedal for a hands-free experience. Start and stop recording and playback, with the press of a foot switch, to keep your head in the game!

The Manos is ultra-portable and fits in a backpack!

Tablet Display for Bed, Desktop, Kitchen, or Workspace

The MANOS is works great for both seated and standing setups. Whether you are watching movies, playing games, or reading books in bed, the MANOS is a versatile mounting option.

Even when using a tablet for webinars or video calls, following a recipe or filming in the kitchen, or watching videos for a DIY project in the workshop; The MANOS does it all! For convenient desktop mounting, combine the MANOS with our Desktop Clamp.

Combine it with our goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand and Telescoping Boom for the perfect accessible solution. Optimize your workspace and keep your tablet or phone handy without it getting in the way!

Tablet POS Stand and Kiosk Display

Running your POS or kiosk from a tablet? The AirTurn MANOS is perfect for in-store tablet mounting. The AirTurn Desktop Clamp is the perfect companion for your tablet POS or kiosk when mounting to a desk. For a walk-up standing solution, combine with the goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand. This entire setup fits in a backpack, and would be perfect for quick setup events or trade shows. Check out the AirTurn TechAssist to save on a bundle!

Great product

It stays secure on my mic stand.

— Kevin S. on July 12, 2019

Great product

It works like it is advertised. It doesn’t block the view between performer and audience like a music stand.

— Joe C. on May 27, 2019

Manos tablet holder

My second Manos holder, first one purchased 3 years ago. Had to make some asjustments to keep ipad pro from slowly slipping down in holder. When hanging on mike stand on side mount bracket, with ipad pro, the weight of everthing can make mike stand unstable and tip over. Without side mount putting holder onto mike stand works great. Would purchase again, that’s why I did buy another one.

— Steven W. on March 28, 2019

What a great device!

I have used this while practicing at home, with the praise team at church, and a open mic nights around town. It is great! It's solid and versatile. I love that it folds practically flat to fit in my gig bag.

— Robert W. on February 18, 2019

I should have gotten one of these years ago!

Very easy to install. Holds my iPad very securely

— Stuart S. on February 1, 2019


Great. Works perfectly, use it for drum practice, stays out of the way and in place. Don’t break my neck looking at my practice books. I would recommend this to any drummer.

— Rex B. on January 9, 2019

Love my AirTurn Products

Perfect! Very easy to set up and use.

— Nora B. on January 9, 2019

Even better than expected

I am loving it. Works on phone and tablet. I love the rotating feature

— Ed N. on January 7, 2019

Solid Equipment

My iPad 10.5 with attached Logitech Smart Combo keyboard fits perfectly and securely. Glad I made this purchase. Works great ...!

— Fred D. on August 30, 2018

Air turn is a winner!

I’m using the air turn with an iPad Pro and forscore. It works perfectly! Easy to connect via Bluetooth. The pedals respond very well making it easy to turn pages. On a gig where reading is required this is a great way to go!

— Richard B. on August 29, 2018

Great Product

The tablet holder works great. It will even hold the case for my iPad Pro 10.5

It would be nice if the bracket coming off the music stand with the clamp was a little longer. That way you could use the tray part of it to hold accessories like picks, capo, or shaker eggs. I may add a star washer to the tilt function. I've had to really tighten the threaded knob so the tablet wouldn't move.

I do like this product

— Gary S. on August 27, 2018

mic staND

excellent fantastic

— Darren S. on August 8, 2018

very satisfied

Great, love it!!!

— Larry S. on July 31, 2018

Holding power

The clamping fingers hold great. The tensioner does not hold the angle when placed on the stand

— Aen S. on July 31, 2018

Air turn

Awesome. Thank you

— Kevin T. on July 29, 2018

Great Product

I was very happy with the Tablet worked well. Thanks

— Gilbert R. on July 7, 2018

The Manos tablet holder is the best!

By far the most versatile iPad holder I’ve used. The clamps are strong and dependable and they accommodate leaveing the iPad in its case. It easily moves into any position you need with the addition of the mounting bracket. There is a plastic part at the base of the Manos, where it connects to a mic stand that tends to strip out, but the folks at airturn are awesome and quickly send replacement parts. That’s my only complaint. My only suggestion would be to redesign that one piece. Otherwise it’s the perfect tool for its job.

— Scott R. on June 25, 2018

GreT Product

The I Pad holder id great I have I Pad Pro and regular I Pad and both fit in the same holder perfectly.

— Larry O. on May 21, 2018

Great hardware

The Manos is perfect. Holds every iPad shape in a tight grip, easy to mount to mic stand, easy to mount and remove iPad. Folds up pretty compact for storage. Best iPad mount I’ve used.

— Andrew B. on April 30, 2018

iPad holder

Great buying experience. Fast shipping and product is exactly as described.

— melissa w. on April 24, 2018

great gadget but would get the extender next time

the holder grips really well both to the stand and to the tablet. only complaint is that it doesn’t stretch out enough to allow flexibility for where you may be standing or sitting and reading from the tablet. which means i’d have to fork out more for the extension part. slightly annoying.

— Mari-Ann K. on April 17, 2018

Best One Out There

I replaced a Peavey Tablet Mounting System II with this unit. I have a Samsung Tab Pro 12 with an Otterbox cover and this easily handles the size and weight.

— K. E. on April 5, 2018

Manos Tablet Holder

Works well...needed a replacement from a different brand. That although this costs more, it’s sturdy and I think it will handle up to the tear down and reloading of equipment.

— Gary A. on May 12, 2023

It's the best iPad support

It's the best iPad support I've ever had Works great

— Bobby C. on March 13, 2018


Using the Manos tablet holder works perfect for my 13 inch IPad Pro. Holds very secure on the mic stand during gig’s..

— Jay G. on February 9, 2018

A Great Hold er

I usemy holder mainly for my IPAD Pro and it works Great. I have had thechance to use IPAD standard without any major adjustments and also a kindle a friend uses and without again no major adjustments. Couldn't be a better product for my uses.

— Larry O. on January 6, 2018

Love my Manos Holder

This has been enhancing for my practice and live performance opportunities with friends and colleagues, when we haven't had time to get the inalienable fine-tuning of our music!

— Laura D. on December 19, 2017

Works great! Loving it

Good quality! Recommend it

— aaron s. on December 14, 2017

Works Great

This is a must purchase if you are a vocalist and instrument player who uses an iPad for music in live settings. It fits my iPad pro in landscape or portrait mode and allow me to change between the two. I find this helpful when making notes using Forscore in two page mode.

— Donald J. on November 13, 2017

MANOS Tablet Holder w/Side Mount

Excellent unit. I can fit my iPad Pro 12.9 inch and leave the case on. would be better if the side mount arm was 1/2 inch longer. (with the large iPad Pro, the clip just touches the stem of the microphone stand)

— Tom T. on November 13, 2017

Best tablet holder

I did an extensive search for a tablet holder to meet my requirements: fits large table, adjustable, attached to mic stand, rugged enough to support 50 gigs per year and practices, ... I am so glad I bought this one! I have tried several others that end up not holding a larger tablet, can't handle the weight and stay steady, break easily, ... The MANOS tablet holder is exactly what I was looking for!

— Rob Y. on November 12, 2017

Really great

This swivels in any direction, up, down, sideways, and very easy to adjust. It's a bit pricey but very well made and worth it. Unfortunately my entire mic stand was stolen after a gig and I lost it.

— Frank R. on November 11, 2017


Use these now for every band member. We love them!

— Beth W. on November 11, 2017

Works as Promised!

Works as promised!

— Bert B. on November 11, 2017

Really like it however… suggest

I would recommend investigating a means of making the compression screw that keeps the device from moving lock - it slides. The device slowly moves until you need to manually adjust it - a problem during a performance. I used a cable tie (from **** to ****) as a remedy to lock it in position. As I always us it in the same position not a huge deal….

— Daniel W. on November 11, 2017

Good product -- needs a little tweaking, but useable as-is.

I use one of these Manos clamps with an iPad Pro -- the large one. I need this because I am rather nearsighted, so size matters. The only problem I had with this was keeping the stand in balance. However, I solved the problem very easily. I got an extra side clamp and a 4 pound weight. I attached the weight to the end of the other side clamp. When I set up the stand, I put the clamp that holds the iPad Pro on first, then I add the clamp with the weight. Then I install the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro sits toward the right of the stand, and the weight sits 180 degrees from it. Works like a champ!

— Willard Palmer on October 4, 2017

Still needs work. Also a hint on how to keep your stand from tipping over

I use an iPad Pro. The arms of this unit really should be at least 1/2" longer to make it easier to install the iPad. You also need to change out the clamp pads on the arms of the Manos, in order to keep the other pads off the active portion of the screen.

In order to keep the whole thing from tipping over, I added a second side mount with a 4 pound counterweight. This is placed on the side opposite the tablet and the microphone in order to balance the stand and keep it from tipping over.

— Willard Palmer on October 29, 2016


I was impressed by the build quality. It has that built-like-a-tank quality that American made products used to have. Really nice to see that.

— Terry Franklin on September 27, 2016

Just What I Was Searching For!

The Airturn Manos Universal Tablet Mount and Side Mount Clamp hold my iPad perfectly. They are well designed and well made. Easy to set up, as well. Totally worth the price.

— anonymous on July 2, 2016

Excellent Tablet Holder

I have a Mac Pro and was worried about the holder being able to handle. But, no worry, the grips work as well as advertised and the construction is sturdy enough. It is too pricey for what it is though

— Hembreed on April 30, 2016

Works Great

Using with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that's covered with a UAG protective cover. Fits tight and stays where you put it.

— anonymous on March 5, 2016

I'll be a little more critical...

It is indeed a hoss, does handle my iPad Pro just fine. Very secure, which brings me to just a little nit picking:

Though I got it figured out, it would be nice if there were a little set of instructions on flipping out the 90� snap in corner pads for the snap in flat pads which are needed for the iPad Pro. The mount comes with the corner pads installed & the flat pads are packaged up nice/neat. It's just that when I figured out what had to happen, the corner mounts are rather hard to remove & was afraid I was going to break them. But once out, the flat pads snapped in fine.

Another thing I noticed is the clamp will accept the thinnest part of the mic stand but doesn't like it. I had to use the thin part once. The hand screw has to be TIGHT. What happened is the screw acted like it was out of thread which it wasn't, iPad swung around & almost hit the floor. Thankfully, the mount had good hold of it, all was well.

All in all, great unit.

— anonymous on February 11, 2016

great solution for a surface tablet

this is super robust so I will not have to replace it anytime soon.. and I tend to be pretty rough on my equipment . I couldn't find anything that fit my surface tablet. what a lifesaver this is.

— anonymous on January 8, 2016

Solid and secure

This works great for my Nexus 7. Size adjusts to fit pretty much anything, and small adjustments are simple and mostly intuitive.

— anonymous on June 2, 2015

Does the trick

Totally worth purchasing, Does everything I need it to do, much better than just propping my ipad up on a music stand. Easy to set up and use.

— Timmo on April 2, 2015

Works well with my Samsung Tab 4 and my Samsung 500.

I have been using this directly attached to my Mike stand, even though I also purchased the side adapter with it.

It works well with either tablet and appears to be worth the money and is easier to use than a cheaper other brand holder I purchased a few year ago.

— Joelheeck on March 29, 2015

Great way to mount any tablet!

I have both an iPad and a SurfacePro3 and so the older mounts I had, which grabbed the corners of the iPad won't work for me as a single solution. The Manos holds either tablet very securely, allows me to rotate it for portrait or landscape viewing and is built so it won't scratch the device. It is well thought out and very nicely constructed.

The side-mount clamp is a great addition for those times when I wish to mount either tablet on a mic stand, and for the low additional cost when purchased together with the Manos the decision to buy the package was a no-brainer.

I also recommend the purchase of the goSTAND to complete the ideal portable combination! (I'll review the goSTAND in a separate review.)

— David H. Bailey on March 16, 2015

Excellent Product!

A very durable and flexible device; it holds my iPad secure, eliminates the need for a music stand, and ultimately makes life for a professional musician easier.

— Justin Francoeur on July 25, 2014