AirTurn | AirTurn PEDpro

AirTurn PEDpro

Low-profile, silent, and portable wireless foot switch.

  • Turn pages, read music, scroll lyrics and tabs
  • Control presentation and teleprompter apps
  • Cue audio and effects
  • Capture video, photos, and more!


Featuring touch-switch technology, the AirTurn PEDpro is non-tactile, silent, and works much like the button on a microwave. It is best used on a hard surface with a light press of the foot. The low-profile design is durable, lightweight, and ultra-portable.

  • Endless Apps: Hundreds of compatible apps for turning pages, teleprompting, reading music, scrolling lyrics and tabs, triggering backing tracks and effects, sending MIDI commands, cueing audio and lighting, capturing photo and video, plus so much more!
  • App Control: Seven built-in modes store switch commands that work with hundreds of apps including those supported with AirDirect.
  • Customize: Create commands for almost any app that responds to keystrokes, macros, mouse clicks, or MIDI with the free AirTurn Manager. Adjust features such as Auto-Repeat, Idle Time, Low Power or Fast Response Mode, and Debounce. Select switch types such as Momentary, Latching, Pulse, or Command.
  • Updates: AirTurn Manager supports Over-the-Air updates to firmware for the latest features.
  • Silent-Touch: Completely silent operation with no moving parts. Works much like the button on a microwave.
  • Low-Profile: Low switch height requires less foot movement to activate.
  • Durable: Created from a virtually indestructible polymer blend with non-mechanical switches.
  • Max Range: At 150+ feet, AirTurn leads the industry’s operating range.
  • Max Battery Life: Rechargeable battery provides 150-200 hours of play time with a single charge, displays status indicators, and automatically turns off when the host device is turned off.
  • Status Indicators: Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED.
  • Pairing Options: Choose open pairing for instant connections when switching between devices. Choose closed pairing to store a single connection and prevent unintended connection to other devices.
  • Multiple Devices: Connect up to eight AirTurn devices to use at the same time for more switch options.
  • Compatibility: Works with phones, tablets, and computers that have Bluetooth 4 or higher, and accepts nearly any momentary switch.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration (includes battery).

Product weight: 5.3 oz (.15kg)

Product Dimensions: 6x4x.7 in (152x114x18mm)

Download PDF | Explore Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC | Product Manual

MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.

Best Bluetooth Pedal for Page Turning and Scrolling

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The AirTurn PEDpro is a low profile, silent, and portable foot switch for providing hands-free switching. Because there are few moving parts, there is very little to wear out. You simply connect to your Bluetooth and load your favorite AirTurn compatible app and you are ready to go. It is a perfect solution for quick and easy page turning or scolling.

Select from over 100 apps that can display your music, lyrics or tabs. Load up your music and easily switch to the next song in the play list and turn pages or scroll through lyrics for each song.

The unique design of this foot switch uses pressure to actuate the switching. Two raised/ridged zones identify the switch locations. A bit of practice and the action will become second nature. (Please note that very soft shoes and bare feet may be more challenging as they wrap around the raised zones. Hard surfaced flooring is ideal as carpet and other soft flooring will absorb the foot press and the PEDpro may not function properly. It works much like the button on a microwave.)

Hands Free Control for Teleprompters and Presentations

Using a teleprompter has become a popular solution due to easy and affordable access to apps and tablets. However, controlling the scroll of the script remains a challenge. Using the AirTurn DUO 200 with your teleprompter application, you can start and stop the script, even speed it up or slow it down!

Whatever your favorite presentation software, from Powerpoint to Keynote and more, you can keep your hands free and present with confidence. For a handheld option, the transmitter can be removed for a convenient handheld presentation remote.

Wireless Foot Switch for Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros

Shortcut keys can be convenient, and offer improvements in speed and performance if you have the extra fingers. Now, you can keep your hands focused on your task, and execute those commands with your foot. Use the AirTurn Manager app to easily program your favorite shortcuts or hotkeys for Word, Excel, PC games, DAWs, and more. It is available for Mac, iOS and Android in the Apple App store or Google Play store. Note that for a PC, you will need to first connect to your phone or tablet to change the settings.

Macros are helpful when you need to repeat a text phrase, place line of code, or execute a series of commands at once. These lines of text, code, or commands can be turned into a macro. Then, the macro can be assigned to a switch. Now, you can use your foot for these repetitive actions!

Love it!

The AirTurn PEDpro has exceeded my expectations. Simple to use and has replaced lots of paper. Love it!

— Clive S. on July 3, 2019

Great Pedal

Great pedal for turning pages. I am a keyboardist and use the pedal on top the keyboard using my hand. I do wish the action was a little more sensitive to the touch but I know it's built for foot pressure. Maybe AirTurn could make the action sensitivity a choice or come up with a pedal device that will sit on top a keyboard...possibly a mini-size of this one. Over all I really like it and AirTurn.

— Stephen A. on June 25, 2019

Great for Guitar players

I think this is a great stage item - I use it every week as a minimum -

often on Mission trips I use it every day. It’s compact so it’s easy to carry in my gig bag or my horn case.

— Barry O. on June 18, 2019

Air Turn Ease

As soon as I received my Air turn I turned it on. I was so excited to receive it 2 days before an acoustic gig. I knew that it worked with OnSong. I Bluetoothed immediately to my IPad and away I went. I find it much more reliable than the scrolling feature which I found tricky to get right. I have since used it onstage with a Jazz/Soul band I sing with and as a Duo where I also play guitar. Best product invented. Just love it!!!💕


— Helen W. on May 30, 2019

Works great for a guitar player

Easy to set up and no problems

— Joe C. on May 18, 2019


everything is very practical, and avoids distractions when interpreting a song, thank you very much and I would definitely buy it again

— Cristobal P. on April 15, 2019

3th time I purchase PEDPro

For me it`s very good, so I buy again for friends and family.

— Roy S. on April 6, 2019

Works great

Works just like it's supposed to. Works great even with my inexpensive android tablet.

— Steven L. on March 14, 2019


I have used it and love it

— Johan M. on February 2, 2019

Great Product

It’s a great product, it’s super portable (I keep it in my sax case) that’s the biggest plus! It does take some getting used to in order to make sure you are on the exact right spot to make the page turn.

— Joseph W. on January 27, 2019

What a cool tool

Easy to program, user friendly. Simple operation! What more could you ask for

— Patricia F. on January 25, 2019

I love it

Didn’t take long to get the hang of it

— Bob E. on December 29, 2018

Great product that could be even better

I have the Ped pro and BT-105. Both function well, but a HUGE improvement would be a “large area plate” that could attach to the right pedal. It is a bit difficult to find in the darkness of a stage during performance.

— Phil M. on December 18, 2018

Airturn - Pedpro

Works great as advertised. Easy setup and thin frame packs easily in my guitar case...

— Charles S. on November 21, 2018

Bruce’s review

Works well, takes more foot pressure than my old black page turn.

— Bruce B. on November 9, 2018

Air turn

Item arrived on time time and was easy to set up.

— Jimmy R. on November 8, 2018

AirTurn PED Pro

Works great with ONSONG app

Very easy to use

— Leonard P. on October 31, 2018

Working Musician

At first I struggled with this pedal, trying to get it to execute the functions I needed. I contacted the help line. I have to say that it was the best experience ever. These folks aim to please. They stayed on the line with me until all my issues were solved. You will not be disappointed buying this product. I bought a second one for a backup.

— Jerry M. on October 16, 2018

Feedback on PEDpro

Top class, it ticks all the boxes, thanks

— John o. on September 23, 2018

Works great, but interactions other than page flip could be better

Love the compactness of the PedPRO. And it does work great once you get it connected. However, I have to say the blister buttons for power, mode, and keyboard selection are not great. It's hard to tell when you are pressing them enough for it to register. And then the interactions with the buttons are weird -- press and hold the mode button and wait for it to flash a given number of times to change the mode?? Bizarre. And hard to do. All in all it feels like a product designed with little or no user testing, like a UI designed by an engineer. But when it's all connected and in the right mode it works great.

— William B. on September 19, 2018

Excellent product

I am a band director and put all of my scores into the forScore app and use the PEDpro to turn pages. I’m still getting used to it - it works best with my dress shoes. I’ve had one day where the Bluetooth got disconnected, but otherwise it has worked great. I love having all music with me!

— Jeremiah J. on September 17, 2018


As a pianist i love this and think to a great help in performing. But you need to practice with it. There is a tendency, occasionally, for it to turn two pages at a time. Then there’s a panic trying to turn back while still playing. I try to get round this problem by having my foot hover ABOVE the pedal, then snap down firmly and hold for a few seconds before lifting slightly

Sent from my iPad

— Alan M. on September 16, 2018

Works reasonably well

It would be nice if would scroll a little bit smoother, but overall does well.

— Scott T. on September 13, 2018


Great page turner for my iPad, I use it for practicing multi page sheet music pages, the only downfall is I have to practice wearing my shoes. When I use it on a job it's great and of corse I wear shoes on my gigs.

— Mark B. on August 25, 2018

AirTurn PEDpro works great!

I used this pedal at two gigs this weekend and it worked great! I am using it on a Samsung Chromebook Plus with the Mobile Sheets app.

— Ted S. on August 5, 2018

The AirTurn PEDpro is Great!!

I bought the AirTurn PEDpro for the Bass Player in my band and he is thrilled with it!

I use an older one - I don’t play a reading gig without it!


Bruce G.

— Bruce G. on August 2, 2018

Pedal worked as described. After

Pedal worked as described. After turning pages so long I had to use it a couple of Sundays to remember to use it instead of my finger.

— Thomas P. on August 2, 2018

AirTurn PEDpro works great

I use PEDpro to scroll song lyrics and chords and it works great. No problems or issues so far. Thanks.

— John W. on July 31, 2018

Above and beyond

It’s a very good product. I had a prior version of the air ped and had an issue with the battery. It was out of warranty, but they sent me a replacement for half price. They don’t want their discarded products to go to the landfills, so I was able to send the broken unit back to them free of shipping charges. I would definitely purchase another product from them in the future.

— Kenneth T. on July 28, 2018

Perfect for use with Onsong

Works very well right out of the box.

A friend who is an amazing songwriter and pianist noticed the air turn PED Pro/OnSong setup at a show this week and asked about it so I demoed it for him and turned him loose to try it. He still prints and shuffles lead sheets for new songs and was very happy to learn about these tools.

— Alan P. on July 19, 2018

Awesome pedal

The ease of the pedal was better than expected. Easy to set up and easy and convenient to use.

— Mario S. on July 12, 2018

Perfeito! Prático e muito funcional.

Perfeito! Prático e muito funcional. Parabéns!

— Edson L. on July 11, 2018

Ok after you get used to it

Pedal must be placed on a hard surface to work well. Needs a bit of tinkering and setting it right to get the songs to scroll up and down. Would have been nice if it had a sensitivity setting.

— Richard C. on July 7, 2018

PEDpro is not as sensitive as I the Duo

I am really good with the Duo as a sit-down player. I hit it everytime. The PEDpro is more needy about the stomp it needs to turn the page. This is a "step down", sensitivity-wise, from the original AirTurn pedal.

— Darcy D. on June 13, 2018

Air turn

Some times I have to push again to turn the page. But I love the product.


— Jose P. on June 13, 2018

Love it!

This is my third Airturn device. Loved the AT104, and used them hard. Very reliable. When it was time to buy a new one, found the PedPro. It has taken a little bit of adjustment, as there isn’t a tactile response to the pedal, but I love the design, quality and the lack of wire connections (which kept on breaking on my other devices.) Also love the price point. This is an invaluable tool for me in my music making.

— Brent M. on June 3, 2018

Ped Pro Good to Go

I have a quad pedal, and I love it. But when it's just me and my guitar, I don't have room for the larger pedal.

Enter my Ped Pro, I stick it along with my ipad in the pocket of my guitar case and I'm on my way. The Ped Pro works great with my software and I use it more than my quad.

Great Product!

— Donald Q. on May 28, 2018

Batteries are lasting better than

Batteries are lasting better than another pedal i sent back it also a lot smaller in size

— Will B. on May 24, 2018

Never need to touch my iPad!

Love this pedal! Lightweight, Bluetooth, long battery charge life! Excellent!

— Tom H. on May 23, 2018

Great Pro Products!!

Another great item, as are all the pieces from Airturn!!! Manos and BT 105 user..

— Mike M. on May 22, 2018

Great product, better customer service!

This is is the second product I’ve used from AirTurn, and the quality is just as good as I’ve come to expect. Where AirTurn really impressed me is the customer service. Being an international order, UPS charged a brokerage fee, which I absolutely detest. I opted to send it back rather than pay UPS. Even though they are not obligated, AirTurn covered the fee on my behalf! Would highly recommend.

— John W. on May 14, 2018

Gone too soon :(

It was good. Purchased it not long ago. Used it for only 2 days then the next day i left my paper bag on the bus with the pedpro in it. Too bad.. can’t use it at the upcoming wedding gig anymore :(

— Rachael E. on May 12, 2018

Quality and reliable product

I am enjoying every moment of worship leading. The foot pedal is all I need know when I do a small group leading as I don't need another person anymore to control the lyrics project for me. Thank you for inventing this tool to work not only on the Onsong app, it also works on PowerPoint and also on Keynote.

— SG-2423-2631 R. on May 9, 2018

Ped pro

This is a great product hands stay on my keyboard when flipping pages.had no problem connecting to my I pad and it works great,also great service and delivery was fast thanks air turn. John Somerset ma.

— John P. on May 8, 2018


Purchase experience was excellent.

Prompt shipping to New Zealand but postage cost was excessive and this discouraged me from buying other items.

I am using the PEDPro with Forescore sheet music app and it works very well but there are skills to learn to coordinate reading music and operating the foot switch.

Great purchase - no regrets....!


— David B. on May 7, 2018

Good Product

This device works great with my OnSong App on my iPad!

— John O. on May 4, 2018


Takes a little getting use to but works great !

— Lynn M. on April 30, 2018

Free at last

Once I adjusted to turning pages with my left foot it's a breeze. Sheet music on i-pad and air turn is a must for the piano. 14 pages, no problem.

Dr. Dean

— Dean B. on April 30, 2018

Product satisfaction

I'm am very impressed with the AirTurn PEDpro. I have been able to adapt it for use with a pipe ***** console.

— Rick B. on April 19, 2018

proped? no question!

very simple neat gadget that works instantly with bluetooth without any need for technical knowledge. used it the other night on stage and it worked like a gem! only thing to note - i found that it didn’t work so great with soft soled shoes (flip flops) because it needs quite a hard push down to work, but with a sports trainer or regular shoe i’m sure it would work brilliantly. also comes at a very reasonable price. highly recommended!

— Mari-Ann K. on April 17, 2018

air turn red pro

The Ped Pro used with the On Song app works well in on stage settings. This is my second pedal platform from air turn and in both cases I have had no issues, thanks Russ

— russ l. on April 16, 2018

A great tool!

I had a gig coming up playing harpshichord in a Bach chamber piece and I had some really inconvenient page turns. I had seen other musicians using ipads to play from and had in the back of my mind that I wanted to learn more about that. I decided to take the opportunity of my upcoming gig to finally do it! I had some initial trouble with the AirTurn PedPro not turning on after it had worked a couple of times. I called customer service and they helped me through removing and re-inserting the battery which solved the problem. The pedal was pretty easy to use, but I am still getting used to how firmly and exactly where to tap and whether I can rest my foot on it without accidentally turning pages. Also, there was a “da capo” in the music and couldn’t figure out how to turn back 5 pages with one tap. It may be in the users manual, but if it is there, I didn’t find it in time for my gig. It was definitely the solution for this performance and I particularly enjoyed the conjunction of playing 17th century music with 21st century technology! I look forward to getting better at taking advantage of what my AirTurn PedPro can do. I definitely it recommend it to all those keyboardists who curse difficult pages turns!

— Carol S. on April 13, 2018

Works OK

Works OK. Maybe seems a little hard to push the peddle since you can't feel it pushing down with your foot.

— PAUL S. on April 12, 2018


Cool pedal to have and works well with my ipad to flip my scores while I’m on my guitar standing. Well constructed and nice! :)

— Jeffrey H. on April 12, 2018

Awesome /Sad

Love the product, sad because I lost it after a session last week.

— Carlton N. on April 10, 2018

AirTurn PED pro

This is an excellent pedal. I have to still get used to the sensitivity of exactly where to press to turn the pages on my iPad. There is no movement in the pedal so I have to have a feel (through my shoe) as to where to press. Overall, it is very light weight and easy to carry and seems very durable. Like with practicing my musical instrument, I think that with a bit of practice, I'll get good at turning the pages and it will become second nature. I like the rubber grips on the bottom of the device. It keeps it from sliding around on the floor

— John C. on April 10, 2018


Very good. As I used to practice with bare feet though I have had to make a change back to shoes. It would be great if the Air Turn could have calibrated foot pressure? Cheers

— Bruce N. on April 9, 2018

Easy .hands free page turning.

It is so easy to use and does everything the manufacturer says it will do. Great product, Hands free page turning.

— John P. on April 8, 2018


Works perfectly, great customer service.

— Jim W. on April 5, 2018

page turn pedal

I've been using the AirTurn PEDpro for about four weeks now with my iPad while I'm playing the piano at church. I'm still getting used to it, but it has been great to have this page turner. The left pedal seems to be "stiffer" than the right pedal; perhaps to avoid accidental back-turning. I would definitely recommend this product and company to anyone needing a digital page turner.

— Robert N. on April 4, 2018

Not overly sensitive.

It is very compact and easy to pack anywhere. It does a nice job a turning pages. What I find nice it that it is not overly sensitive. An accidental touch does not turn the page. I find that you need to press and hold is a second for a good turn.

— diane s. on March 30, 2018

AirTurn Pedpro

I purchased this for my son. He is very proud of it. I then purchased another for his wife. She is anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

— Bennett L. on March 27, 2018

Great - love it!

Great - love it!

— Patrice B. on March 24, 2018

Lovin’ It!

I’m glad you sent this email to me because I was going to send one to you anyway. I never send messages like this. I am truly loving your pedal. I had used a modified version of one of your first petals from years ago, and never had a problem with it. This one is just so sleek and convenient. And it looks good. So, definitely two thumbs up!

— Steve S. on March 21, 2018

Good Page Turner

Excellent but still a learning curve when playing viola da gamba. Have you considered Bluetooth button such as flic?

— Larry H. on March 21, 2018

Great product

Extremely easy to use and solid construction. My only regret is not getting it sooner.

— Jim D. on March 16, 2018

Fast Delivery

Really good experience. Fast service!

— Mark W. on March 12, 2018

Love AirTurn

Just what I needed. A lot of the songs I use in OnSong are in PDF format and therefore cannot be programmed for a certain speed of scrolling. I set up the pedal to go up or down and it works perfectly, providing a little overlap so I don't lose context.

— Kimberly M. on March 8, 2018

easy foot pedal - once I figured out how to get it working

The tutorial for implementation left out lots of detail that would have been helpful. It took me several attempts of a few hours each to figure out how to get it working with my iPad. I just use it to page-up and page-down… nothing fancy. It does the job.

— Ike B. on March 8, 2018

Good product

I was happy to finally find a device that was compatible with Ultimate Guitar tabs. Would buy again!

— Nina V. on March 6, 2018

Love the pedal but charging chord did not work

I love the pedal but unfortunately the charging chord I received did not charge my pedal. I had to go out and buy a new micro cable after I received it. I was worried the pedal did not work but luckily after I was finally able to charge the pedal it works really great. Since I was in Canada I ended up paying much more with the exchange, duty fees and shipping it was quite bit more not mention I had to by a new charging chord. It was quite a bit more money in the end but the pedal is really amazing and I could not seem to find a place in Canada to purchase it so I had to pay the extra fees if I wanted it. Great product just the price and extra hassles were a bit challenging to navigate. I am still happy I bought the product in spite of my challenges. Canadians just need to know it will cost you a bit extra if you want it.

— Mary L. on March 3, 2018

Pretty Stinkin' Good

It is a very helpful tool, and the people at the AirTurn facility were extremely receptive and helpful when I was having battery issues. Some of the batteries in the original models were wonky, but they gave me another one (and a few more) for free and I haven't had trouble since. My only complaint is that the back button is a little difficult and requires more effort than the front pedal. Other than that, its great. :)

— Catherine V. on March 2, 2018

Live music lifesaver

Love this. So much easier than using paper. All you info like capo in one place. Easy to read and chord highlight

— Jane W. on February 27, 2018

A compact and convenient device for page turning

AirTurn PEDpro works as advertised, the buttons sensitivity is on point, the build quality is solid and no connection or battery issues observed after about a month of regular use.

— Sergii L. on February 23, 2018

Beat 3 days of my life!

Despite only being 27, I consider myself been an old-school, classical pianist. My whole life, that has meant lugging around binders, sheets and sheets of music - many of which were torn, old books, tape, etc. I bought a tablet recently and then this product shortly after. Then I watched myself be reborn at my instrument. I found myself spending hours at the piano like I hadn’t done it in years. Unfortunately, these pedals were mysteriously taken out of my equipment bag only 3 days later, and I have not seen them since. This is a product that I have every intention of purchasing once again as soon as I possibly can!

— Jose R. on February 19, 2018

It works great and being able to recharge it is a big plus.

I used it for the second time at a gig last night. It performed perfectly.

— John S. on February 17, 2018

Great product - need to add to the user guide

Love the PED pro - works great. I did struggle with bluetooth pairing issues which after significant time investment were solved. Did not know that once you pair it with a device, it will not pair until you cancel the prior pairing. The guide talks about resetting when you use different modes, but I expect most users just use the default. The bigger issue was that the soft keyboard on the iPad disappears after pairing with the PEDpro. After hours of time with Apple including exchanging the iPad at an apple store, I sent a note to forScore and they informed me that this is normal as the iPad things the pedal is al alternate keyboard and by pressing the keyboard button on the pedal, you can enable text entry for the iPad while being paired. Not knowing this, I had assumed that I had an intermittent hardware problem as I did a full delete and install on the new iPad and then experienced the problem again. Thanks!

— Brian D. on February 6, 2018

Very happy

Very pleased with PEDpro. Now, I just need better eyes or a bigger tablet!!!

— Joseph K. on February 2, 2018

Love it But One Bug

The pedal is great and I use it at practice and playing out. One problem I am encountering is that if I jump from On-Song to any internet browser, I cannot access my on-screen keyboard and have to turn off Bluetooth in order to get to it. It was quite a pain to even figure that out. otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.

— James B. on January 26, 2018

AirTurn PEDpro worked just fine

I was a little leery of buying something on-line without trying it out first but the AirTurn PEDpro worked exactly as it was described. I turned it on. It synced to my tablet. I ran the MusicSheets program, stepped on the pedal and the pages turned. It's so good when the technology works.

— David G. on January 13, 2018

Great Customer Service

I had an issue with the PedPro and discussed the problem with customer service, who walked me through a solution. When we still couldnt get it to work properly, they sent me a new one with a prepaid return shipping label for the original unit. In the meantime, I was able to get the original unit working properly and, based on my satisfaction with how it worked with my OnSong app, I decided to buy the second unit as well for my gigs in another location.

— Michael D. on January 5, 2018


Overall very good. I do wish the power/battery indicators were on all the time so you can see if the battery is low, etc. But, overall, it's fine.

— Carol S. on January 3, 2018

Air turn review

Very easy setup and operation. Second Air Turn product I've owned and I'm very impressed.

— Marilyn M. on January 3, 2018

AirTurn PedPro

The PedPro is a great peddle but not for me. I find on stage that the lack of tactile feedback is a major issue. The lag makes me think that the signal has not been received and I press again. Then the screen overshoots where I want to be. It has proven to be a problem. I am going to try the next model up with regular switches.

— Ed W. on January 2, 2018

Love it!

Over all very good. Phone tech support was excellent. It would be nice if the manual showed the kind of batteries the unit actually has (wired with a plug on the end) and if were clear that the on/off switch is a membrane switch rather than a capacitance switch and requires some pressure. Also it would be nice if iPad app could tell what the state of the battery is. I'm 8ncluding some minor criticisms because you asked for feedback, but my main comment is that the design is very well thought out and I love it in conjunction with ForeScore.

— Mars B. on January 1, 2018

I works great

It has worked wonderfully for me. I have really enjoyed it. It syncs well with my iPad.

— Vivian T. on December 28, 2017

Air Turn Ped Pro

I own the BT105 and like it, but decided to try the Ped Pro for its thinness and the fact that it stays in place. I am happy with upgrading to the Ped Pro. I will keep watching for future music page turners as they are important to me while playing music from my iPad.

— Gwen H. on December 23, 2017


I really like the little devise. It works as advertised, it is small and very easy to carry. Thank you for designing this pedal.

— Arleen V. on December 20, 2017

Ultimate Guitar user

So far it is a great product.

— Axel B. on December 19, 2017


So much better now that it’s rechargeable. I had the airturn Ped, which broke easily bec it was so hard to change the battery. I was able to use it only for a very short time, I hope this will last longer than my old Ped

— julienne b. on December 19, 2017

Does what it says on the tin!

The PEDpro I purchased “does what it says on the tin”. It is robust, light and easy to carry, and works faultlessly once paired with the required device - in my case an iPad Pro. I made a mistake on my order, and AirTurn were extremely helpful in sorting it out for me - full marks for the product and the Company.

— Alan T. on December 10, 2017

Perfect pedal

The pedal woks flawlessly. It was easy to set up and the battery lasts a very long time. I also like the compact size.

— Harry S. on December 3, 2017

Love and the Machine

Loving it. Simple, small, light, sturdy, and flawless Bluetooth pairing. My previous pedal was big enough to fight off bad guys. This fits my guitar kit bag perfectly. Thanks for a great piece of engineering. Doug Clark Worship team, Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO

— Douglas C. on December 2, 2017


Best thing I ever did! The worship was smooth and effortless! No awkward empty gaps while turning the pages! Price was good too!

— Leolander M. on November 28, 2017


It works well but does not hold a charge for a very long period of time. I use it on average 5 hours per week and can use it two weeks before charging

— Bryan Y. on November 22, 2017

Solid Product

Easy setup, easy to charge, good product.

— Douglas K. on November 12, 2017

Great device for those who use their device as a music reader!

For those people who play instruments which require two hands all the time (most instruments) this is a great addition for using a device like an iPad as a music reader. I carry around thousands of music books and instrumental parts and scores on my iPad and the AirTurn PedPro makes using them in performance easy. With the rechargeable built-in battery there's no need to be sure that the battery and backup battery are still good. And it's easy to remember to charge it fully before a performance so it's good to go for many hours and can get you through a full day of performances easily. And it fits in the accessory pouches of many instrumental cases so it's easy to carry along to the gig.

— David B. on November 12, 2017

Nice design - No problem

Fast delivering, easy to pair with my iPad. Battery life indicator. Just perfect.

— Sveinbjorn G. on November 12, 2017

Product works well

Operates as promised....I just need to get used to it! Nerves were getting me in performance!

— Lilliam B. on November 11, 2017


Great, once I got used to it. Reliable and a good battery. No trouble so far....

— Maximilian S. on November 11, 2017

Does the job

Easy to configure and does the job

— Jan B. on November 11, 2017

Air Tune Pro

Great. I attached it to the bottom of the keyboard and use my knee.

— Bill R. on November 11, 2017

Good but occasionally frustrating

After some challenges am enjoying the pedal. Troubles included pairing with the app (app tells you to use mode 1 but mode 2 is what works), and getting it to work with forScore where I keep my music on an iPad after I updated the pedal with latest software. After spending time looking through support materials and resetting pedal multiple times, I called support and found no one, and a voicemail that wasn’t accepting messages. I did get a response to my email the same day. The other frustration was learning to use the pedal. I found through trial and error that resting your foot on it like on a piano pedal results in page turns you don’t want, or multiple page turns when you try to do one page. I eventually found that putting just the front of my foot on it and rolling forward works best - don’t recall seeing any suggestion in the manual. Finally, the connection of the power cord was a bit funky, but has gotten better as I’ve plugged and unplugged. I thought it was plugged in to charge but because the connection was so tight it hadn’t charged when I went to use it. After reading the manual, I learned to interpret the lights and now have done it enough that the connection seems to work better. Was just too tight to start so wasn’t connecting. Seem to have solved these issues but it was more work than anticipated.

— Robert T. on November 11, 2017

Great pedal!

This is an excellent pedal and a must for instrument players/singers!!

— Tracy W. on November 11, 2017

Great pedal

Does everything I asked of it. Works every time. Thanks Air Turn

— Steve A on October 28, 2017

Not for me, but OK product

I found that I need more feedback from the device as to whether or not I got a good hit on the pedal. And it made a difference what I wear on my feet. Hard soled shoes are good. Tennis shoes and slippers, not so much. Bare feet, not so much. But customer service was fantastic and after returning the PedPro I purchased a BT200S-4, which I like very much.

— Wayne E. on December 4, 2019

Great product and even greater support!

I‘m using the Ped now for almost 2 years and never had problems. The pedal‘s pressure point is a matter of habit but I got used to it like it. Easy to use and great for musicians!
Right after Christmas I had issues with charging the Ped. I contacted the support and quickly got a response that solved my problems in no time (shout out to Dan for the great support)! Really appreciate it!

Keep up the good work guys!

— Jona I on December 27, 2019