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Multi-tasking to become more productive is important for most desk bound workers. Incorporating an extra screen is helpful and can bring greater efficiency to your work day.

Adding a second monitor to your computer is great, but there are many tasks more easily handled with a tablet or phone, such as conference calls, webinars, onboarding, or keeping an eye on the kids.

These handheld devices often get in the way on an already cluttered desk, become difficult to view, and create discomfort. Keeping your tablet or phone up off the desk, perfectly displayed within reach, is ideal for everyone!


Manos - Universal Tablet Holder

Desktop Clamp - Mic and Tablet Stand for Desktops


Sometimes you need someone to hold your tablet...we'll do it for you!

  • Holds your tablet or phone for note-taking, multi-tasking, or screen extension during online meetings and webinars.
  • Provides a hands-free experience for FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and more.
  • Displays video for DIY projects or vehicle repairs.
  • Setup for watching lectures for online learning.
  • Learn new recipes or cooking techniques in the kitchen.


Manos Universal Tablet Holder

Featuring a rugged heavy-duty design, the AirTurn MANOS universal tablet mount holds smartphones and tablets from 5" to 13.3" with or without a protective casing. It displays your device without obstruction, easily rotates between portrait and landscape, fits a standard 5/8-27 mic thread, and lays flat to fit in your gig bag or backpack!

  • Universal: Compatible with all phones and tablets up to 13.3", and most protective cases, including iPad Pro and Otterbox. Accepts the widest range of devices on the market.
  • Classy: Provides an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.
  • Versatile: Delivers smooth 360° rotation, locking positions in portrait and landscape, and vertical tilt for all reading positions.
  • Innovative: Includes specialized rubber fingers for maximum grip on the widest range of surface materials and textures.
  • Portable: Lays flat and fits in a gig bag or backpack.
  • Convenient: Attaches to any standard 5/8-27 threaded microphone stand.
  • Durable: Crafted from virtually indestructible ABS blended plastic and stainless-steel parts.
  • Performance: Designed and built in the USA with premium materials that will outlast your device.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration.

Weight: 9.3 oz (.26 kg), Dimensions: 13x5x3 in (330x127x76mm)

Desktop Clamp for Mic and Tablet Holders

Featuring a telescoping extension and adjustable clamp, the AirTurn Desktop Clamp offers maximum versatility for a diverse range of mounting surfaces. Attach to desktops, counters, workbenches, and more!

  • Secure: Rubber pad protects desk surface.
  • Convenient: Clamp opens to 2.25" (5.7 cm) to fit most mounting surfaces.
  • Adjustable: Pole extends from 5.75" to 10.25" (14.6 cm to 26 cm).
  • Durable: All steel construction.
  • Versatile: A removable 5/8-27 mic thread allows the Desktop Clamp to fit any 1/4" camera mount.
  • Warranty: Best-in-class 2-year warranty with product registration.

Weight: 12 oz (.34 kg), Dimensions: 9.5x3.25x1.25 in (241x83x32mm) collapsed

Tablet Holder for Online Learning and Work From Home

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From your VoIP phone to FaceTime, Skype, zoom, conference calls, webinars, on boarding, or monitoring the kids upstairs, your tablet adds a whole new dimension to your technology arsenal.

But where to put it? Tablets were originally built as handheld devices. AirTurn DeskTec changes that with a durable, versatile holder that extends your desk and technology to a whole new level.

Combining it’s amazing US made MANOS universal tablet holder with a sturdy clamp, the AirTurn DeskTec tablet holder extends more productively to any desk. It will hold everything from a phone to an iPad pro in landscape or portrait mode. Your device easily clamps into place in a matter of seconds.

Does your device have a case? No problem. Leave your case in place and enjoy the quick mount and release of your tech.

Tablet Holder for Recipes in the Kitchen

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Finding room for your computer or tablet in the kitchen can be a challenge. So why not use the AirTurn DeskTec and mount your phone or tablet on the end of a counter? Leave it there for every time you want to look up a recipe and don't want to put your tech in the middle of your ingredients!

Make your AirTurn Desktec a permanent fixture in the kitchen for centralized tasks like shopping lists, household projects, meal planning and messaging for the whole family.

Tablet Holder for DIY Projects

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If you like DIY projects and use YouTube other internet resources to help you with instructions, videos and other demonstrations, AirTurn Desktec lets you bring your phone or tablet to the project.

Clamp your phone or tablet to your workbench and create away!

Now making complex projects got easier and quicker to make.

Tablet Mount for Vehicle Repairs

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Holding your tools and phone to figure out a repair job on your vehicle is of course absurd.

But using an AirTurn Desktec clamp just changed the way DIY repairs happen on your vehicle.

Just find a surface to clamp your Desktec near where you are working and use your phone or tablet to show you the way to DIY sucess!

No more dropping your phone or leaving the repair site to figure out what to do next!