The Ultimate Practice Tool on iOS

The Ultimate Practice Tool on iOS

Metronomes are an essential tool for all musicians, both students and professionals. Traditionally, metronomes have been mechanical and expensive; requiring maintenance and offering limited capabilities. Today, it’s as simple as downloading an app to your phone or tablet. However, if you’re looking for an advanced metronome tool to challenge yourself and take your practice to the next level, look no further than PolyNome for iOS.

You can program straightforward grooves or complicated polyrhythms in PolyNome, even assign specific accents and sounds!

For setlists, practice routines, or even full drum parts; PolyNome makes it easy to arrange your click tracks even with time signature and tempo changes. Export PDF’s of your setlist to easily share with band mates.

Learning polyrhythms? PolyNome can be easily programmed, even using voice counting or different visualization modes to match your preferred method of learning.

With the free PolyNome Public Library, you can access tons of presets and playlists from other users. Experience new workouts, practice routines, licks and fills with the press of a button.

Note your progress and goals with a Daily Journal, and compare your practice sessions to track your journey.

Playing accurately with a click is great, but if you REALLY want to test your internal clock, try the gap click. The gap click allows you to set your click to randomly drop out, the ultimate test for your sense of pocket!

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Polynome is compatible with AirTurn controllers. Take control and streamline your practice with AirTurn Bluetooth Pedals or the AirTurn TAP for percussionists.

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