Rahfee Zahkee, iPad DJ - AirTurn TV #20

Rahfee Zahkee, iPad DJ - AirTurn TV #20

Rahfee Zahkee was a multi-instrumentalist who severed his hand severely leaving him unable to play traditional instruments during his recovery. This is when he discovered the musical world of electronics. RZ now DJ's, makes electronic music live in an improv style at his shows, remixes songs on the fly, and reprograms dj gear/video game controllers/wireless technologies to allow for an ever changing and experimental view on music and its possibilities. RZ has opened up for RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, John Mayer, Thavius Beck, been on Playboy Radio, OC Weekly, and more.

Rahfee uses the Manos Mount to perform on his iPad. https://airturn.com/products/airturn-manos-universal-tablet-mount



Some short videos of Rahfee using his many different instruments/techniques:

Using fruits/fungus to make beats http://instagram.com/p/iSV405DJ5A/

Manos Mount with Ipad live Finger Drumming http://instagram.com/p/jxB57JjJ1p/

DDR pad that makes beats http://instagram.com/p/gw8JbNjJ37/

invisible infrared turntable http://instagram.com/p/foTwj6jJ5X/

Performance based mixing http://instagram.com/p/fWGrwJDJ4C/

Links to Rahfee's iPad apps:

Drum Pads 24 - https://www.facebook.com/Drumpads


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