AirTurn | ATFS-2 Silent Pedal with Right Angle Plug

ATFS-2 Silent Pedal with Right Angle Plug

AirTurn has designed its own footswitch, the ATFS-2, with ground-breaking proprietary "mechanism-free" momentary switch technologies for completely silent operation. Perfect for musicians who need to eliminate the sounds of page turns, the ATFS-2 is crafted from high strength plastics and features no squeaky hinges or switch "clicks" to trigger page turns. Its low profile makes it easy and discrete to tap.

The reed switch technology is designed to outlast any mechanical switch by millions of uses. Using rare earth elements, this switch should be product you can pass on to your grand children.

*This is just a footswitch/part and does not have Bluetooth capability.

Weighs .38 lbs (172 gms)