Using forScore in PED-APP-Direct Mode

PED-APP-Direct is now available in forScore (version 8.3 or newer, or forScore mini 1.2 or newer).

PED App Direct is a new feature introduced with the PED foot controller. It allows tight app integration between the PED and iOS Apps and has many benefits: Bluetooth connects directly though the App, the PED has longer battery life with lower energy consumption, options exist to change repeat delay and speed, and the virtual keyboard is always available.

How to use forScore in PED-APP-Direct Mode:
  1. Go the the Bluetooth in your iOS settings. If the PED is listed, tap the circled “i” button to the right of the listing and “forget this device”.
  2. Change your PED to mode 1 by holding the mode button until the red LED flashes once. Let go of the mode button and the red and blue LEDs will flash together one time to indicate that you are now in mode 1.
  3. Open forScore, open the Devices panel, and select “AirTurn PED”
  4. Make sure to enable “AirTurn Support” then select your PED from the devices list when it appears.

Do not try to connect in Mode 1 and any other Mode at the same time. Mode 1 only works in PED-APP-Direct modes and modes 2-6 only work when connected directly through the operating system setup. You must reset the pairing to switch between mode 1 and modes 2-6 (With the PED turn on, press and hold the power button for 6 seconds. The PED will appear to turn off, but keep pressing the power button and at six seconds, both LED lights will blink three times. Release the power button).

Need help switching modes? See here: Switching modes on the PED


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