PED Firmware Update Instructions

You can now update the firmware on your PED to make sure your PED is up-to-date and at its best. This is currently only available for the iPad. Be sure your iPad is connected to a reliable wireless connection.

You can update the firmware version through the Airturn Test Utility app, which is available in the App Store for free.

Below are instructions to guide you through the firmware update:

  1. Turn on your iPad’s Bluetooth
  2. If the PED is listed as a device, tap the "i" in the blue circle and forget the device.
  3. Turn on your PED and reset the pairing on your PED by holding down the power button for about 6 seconds until both LEDs flash three times.
  4. Turn your PED back on.
  5. Open the AirTurn Test Utility App and select the picture of the PED
  6. Change your PED to mode 1: Press and hold the MODE button. The red LED will flash once per second from 1 to 6 flashes. The number of flashes corresponds to the same MODE number. Be sure to count the flashes. Press and hold the mode button for one flash of the red LED.
  7. The AirTurn Test Utility App will scan for the PED. When the Test Utility App finds the PED, you will receive a Bluetooth Pairing Request. Tap “Pair”.

8. Once the PED is paired, a window will pop up informing you that a new update is available. Tap to learn more about the update. If this window does not appear, tap on the information icon located to the right of PED listing.

9. A description of the update will appear. Tap "Download and Update"

10. The update will begin. This update will take a few minutes to complete.

11. The App will inform you when the Update is complete. Tap OK.

12. The update disconnects the PED from the Bluetooth, so it is necessary to reset the pairing on the PED to successfully reconnect.

a. Close the AirTurn Test Utility App

b. Go to your iPad’s Bluetooth settings. If the PED is listed and the information icon is present, tap on the icon and “forget” the device.

c. Turn off your Bluetooth

d. Turn on your PED and wait a few seconds, then reset the pairing: hold down the power button for six seconds until both LEDs flash three time.

e. Turn your PED on again and make sure the PED is in mode 2 (iPad mode) by holding down the mode button for two flashes of the LED

f. Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPad. In a few moments, the PED should appear.

g. Touch the listing when it appears and it will connect after another few seconds.

If you have any questions or need assistance, email us at or call us at our toll free number (M-F) 888-247-1223.


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