How to Fix an Intermittent ATFS-2 Pedal

Is one of your pedals only working part of the time? If the pedal is dropped or jostled around in transit the switch inside the pedal can move slightly out of position causing it to activate inconsistently. You are welcome to return it for repair or follow these simple steps to re-position the switch so that your pedal works consistently!

1. Unplug the pedal from the transceiver. Take a flat head screwdriver and pry up one corner of the pedal then work your way around. Each corner of the pedal snaps to a peg on the pedal board but with a little bit of upward pressure it will pop up. Make sure not to twist the pedal because this might break off the peg inside the pedal. On the QUAD, carefully unscrew the pedal from the board.

2. Once the pedal is completely removed from the pedal board, pull the cable until the sticker on the back of the pedal comes up.

3. Remove the bottom label (be careful not to tear it) to expose the cable and reed switch. If you see any tiny bits of glass then the switch is broken and will need to be replaced.

4. Remove the whole cable from the channel. Place the switch in the end of the channel so the glass bulb lines up with the circle and is flat against bottom. The bare wire rests on the shelf towards the open end of the pedal.


5. Use the handle of the screwdriver or your finger to press the cable into the channel of the pedal then plug the pedal in and pair to a device. Once paired, make sure the yellow/orange light comes on each time you press the pedal. If the light doesn't come on for each press then you'll need to re-position the switch until you find the "sweet spot". If it triggers too soon move the reed away from the circle. If it triggers late, move slightly into the circle.

6. Once the switch is positioned so that the light comes on for every press, replace the label insuring that the small foam dot on the back of the label covers the circle where the wire is located. Press (or screw) the pedal back to the pedal board and you're all set!


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