• What do AirTurn pedals do?

AirTurn pedals use Bluetooth to wirelessly send computer keyboard keys or MIDI commands to compatible tablets, phones, and computers. Most apps respond to the default commands, but each model can be reprogrammed with the AirTurn Manager app to send specific messages.

  • Where can I find compatible apps?

Our list of compatible apps can be found at http://airturn.com/apps. However, any app that responds to computer keyboard keys or MIDI commands will be compatible.

  • How do I know if my tablet/computer/phone is compatible?

Current models require Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, older models such as the BT-105/106 require Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. Check your device specifications to be sure it is compatible with the AirTurn model you want.

  • My pedal won’t pair, what do I do?

Unpair/remove the pedal from your device, turn your devices Bluetooth OFF, with the pedal ON press and hold the power button for eight seconds until the lights stop blinking, turn your pedal on, turn your devices Bluetooth on and pair. You can find product manuals at https://www.airturn.com/support/airturn-manuals

  • Which mode should my pedal be in?

For current models BT200, BT200S, and PEDpro, use Mode 2 for iOS/Android, Mode 3 for Mac/PC, Mode 7 for MIDI, and Mode 1 for App-Direct. If the app you use does not respond to the default commands, you can use the AirTurn Manager app (available for iOS, MacOS and Android) to reprogram each button or pedal with custom keyboard commands.

  • How do I change modes?

Press and hold the Mode button (the one with 4 lines and 4 dots) until the red LED blinks the same number of times as the mode you want. For example: to switch to Mode 2, you’d hold the mode button down and let go after the 2nd red blink. When you let go, both the red and blue LED will blink the number you selected to confirm the mode.

  • Which pedal should I get?

Current models can all send the same types of commands, so it’s a matter of deciding which model is most comfortable and appropriate for your performance:

  • PEDpro: Two silent membrane pedals, compact layout, all-in-one design, USB rechargeable
  • DUO 200: Two silent ATFS-2 pedals, removable transceiver with built-in 5-button keypad, USB rechargeable
  • QUAD 200: Four silent ATFS-2 pedals, all-in-one design, 9v pedalboard or USB rechargeable
  • BT200S: Two, Four, or Six rugged metal switches, all-in-one stompbox design, 9v pedalboard or USB rechargeable
  • TAP: Two vibration-sensitive trigger pads for percussionists, removable transceiver with built-in 5-button keypad, USB rechargeable
  • My pedal is paired but isn’t working, what do I do?

If the light on your AirTurn is lighting up when you press a pedal but nothing happens in the app you’re using, your AirTurn may be improperly configured. Make sure your pedal is in the correct mode for the app you’re using, or the correct customized mode if needed. Some apps directly support AirTurn pedals, be sure to check the settings and manual for the app. When in doubt, reach out to us at support@airturn.com.

  • How do I tell if my pedal is charged?

While in use, your pedal will begin blinking red when the battery is low. Plug in the USB cable to charge. A blinking red light means it is charging, and a solid red light means it is fully charged.

  • How should I charge my pedal?

Plug in the included USB cable just like you would a cell phone. Computer USB ports may not supply enough power to correctly charge your AirTurn; a good wall outlet adapter is recommended. The BT200S series and the QUAD 200 are also capable of charging from 9v center-negative power supplies like you’d find on a pedalboard.

  • My PEDpro isn’t sensitive enough, can I increase the sensitivity?

If you find yourself pressing the PEDpro and it isn’t turning pages, it’s not an issue of sensitivity but rather location. Your weight must be centered on the ridges of the pedal, otherwise the pedal may fail to trigger a page turn. It is recommended to use the PEDpro on a hard surface with harder soled shoes i.e. dress shoes or boots. Tennis shoes may be too soft or malleable and might wrap around the ridges resulting in missed presses.

  • My TAP isn’t sensitive enough, can I increase the sensitivity?

In order to filter out ambient vibrations coming through the stand, the TAP sensitivity cannot be increased as it would cause unwanted triggers. The TAP transceiver can be used with any momentary drum trigger if you prefer a different feel. If you still find the triggers to be too sensitive or not sensitive enough, a custom adjustable unit is available on special request.

  • One of my pedals isn’t responding, what do I do?

Check your app settings and make sure both pedals are assigned to perform an action. For DUO and TAP models, check to make sure everything is plugged in correctly. For models featuring ATFS-2 silent pedals, see How to Fix an Intermittent ATFS-2 Pedal for instructions to repair the pedal. If these do not resolve the issue, contact us at support@airturn.com or 888-247-1223.

  • What are the buttons on the DUO/QUAD/TAP for?

The transceiver can be removed and used as a handheld remote, with 5 programmable buttons via AirTurn Manager.

  • What is AirTurn Manager?

AirTurn Manager is an app for iOS/Android/Mac and it is used for updating the firmware of your AirTurn device as well as programming custom messages and adjusting advanced settings for pairing, power, etc.

  • How do I reprogram/customize my pedal?

Connect your AirTurn device to the AirTurn Manager App for iOS/Android/Mac. From there you can select a mode and pedal/button you want to reprogram. You can program up to 4 items per switch in each mode, including modifiers.

  • Will the Telescoping Boom fit my mic stand?

The Telescoping Boom uses a standard 5/8-27 thread which is common on most mic stands.

  • Will the Manos Universal Tablet Holder fit my mic stand?

The Manos Universal Tablet Holder uses a standard 5/8-27 thread which is common on most mic stands.

  • Will the Manos Universal Tablet Holder fit my tablet/phone?

The Manos Universal Tablet Holder fits devices as small as a cell phone, up to 13.3in tablets including the iPad Pro. Be sure to insert larger devices with the MANOS tilted flat. Make sure 60% of the tablet is above the grippers. This will ensure the tablet will not slide or droop.


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