Configuring the BOSS FS-6 Footswitches

The AirTurn DUO Transceiver and AirTurn DIGIT Transceiver may be used with the BOSS FS-6 dual footswitch. You may choose to have either one or two BOSS FS-6 dual footswitches attached to your BT-105, BT-106, BT200 DUO or DIGIT.

Setting Up

Note that the BOSS FS-6 requires a separate 9V battery to function. AirTurn supplies specially made cables to function with the BOSS FS-6. You can also make your own cables with instructions available here. This article reviews BOSS FS-6 dual footswitch configuration setting for use with the AirTurn BT-105 or AirTurn DIGIT.

BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch Configuration

Remove the FS-6 unit(s) from their packaging and set the switches as shown in the diagram above. Please note the position of each switch.

From left to right in this view, the Boss FS-6 switches need to be set as follows:

  • MODE: FS-5U (Momentary)
  • MODE: FS-5U (Momentary)
Connecting the AirTurn Transceiver to One BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch

AirTurn manufactures and sells specially made cables to function with the BOSS FS-6. To use one BOSS FS-6 with the AirTurn Transceiver, you will need to use our custom cable connecting the FS-6 center A & B port with the two Transceiver input ports, as shown in the photo below.

Plug the 1/4 inch cable into each center jack of the BOSS FS-6 and then plug the 1/8 inch plug for the left FS-6 into the left jack of Transceiver and the right FS-6 into the right jack of the Transceiver.

Purchase the AirTurn's BOSS FS-6 to AirTurn Custom Cable

AirTurn provides a custom cable to connect the Boss FS-6 dual pedal footswitch to the BT-105, BT-106, and BT200 Bluetooth page-turning transceiver.

You may purchase this cable from AirTurn online here: AirTurn FS-6 to BT-105 cable.

Or give us a call at 888.247.1223 between the hours of 9am and 5pm MST Monday through Friday we'll be happy to help you place your order over the phone.

AirTurn's BOSS FS-6 to BT-105 Custom Cable Diagram

If you would like to design your own cable, follow this wiring diagram below:

Connecting the AirTurn BT-105 to Two BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitches

To use two BOSS FS-6 footswitches with the AirTurn BT-transceiver you will need to use two cables, one connecting each FS-6 center A port with one of BT-105 input ports. You may purchase the Dual FS-6 to BT-105 cable from AirTurn online here: Dual FS-6 to BT-105 Cable


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