AirTurn MIDI for PC

The process of pairing an AirTurn device to a Windows PC for MIDI is a little bit more complex than iOS. Follow the steps below to get up and running quickly!

First, you’ll need a few programs:

-A MIDI-enabled application to control, such as Ableton, Pro Tools or Fruity Loops Studio

-LoopMIDI (Download here:

-MIDIBerry (Get from Microsoft Store:

-AirTurn Manager for iOS or Android (to customize switch actions)

  1. Configure your AirTurn device in MODE 3 with the AirTurn Manager app if needed, using an Android or iOS device. AirTurn Manager is a free download on Apple or Google Play Stores.
  2. Disconnect your AirTurn device from the phone or tablet used to configure switches - turning off Bluetooth does the trick.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on the Windows PC you’re connecting to and open Bluetooth settings (Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth & other devices)
  4. Add your AirTurn device by clicking the Add button at the top, and select Bluetooth in the next window.
  5. Wait for your AirTurn device to appear, select it to pair.
  6. Switch your AirTurn to MODE 7 by holding the MODE button for 7 blinks of the red LED. Both LEDs will confirm the MODE once you release the button.
  7. Launch loopMIDI and click the + button to add a port.
  8. Launch MIDIberry and scroll through the INPUT list to find your AirTurn device. Click it to select it as an input.
  9. Look through the OUTPUT list and click “loopMIDI Port” to set it as the output.

Launch your DAW or other MIDI-enabled application, and if needed, configure it to use the loopMIDI Port as input. Example: Fruity Loops Studio

For a low latency experience, check out the CME WIDI BUD! Now sold on the AirTurn Store!


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