Review of "From Paper to Pixels" by Technology in Music Education

Dr. Christopher Russell, author of the Technology in Music Education blog, has written a thorough review of "From Paper to Pixels". Dr. Russell's blog is a fantastic resource for music educators looking to adopt the latest digital technologies in their classrooms, with a particular emphasis in choral instruction. (On a side note, Dr. Russell mentions that he is a happy owner of the AirTurn wireless page turning pedal).

Here is a brief quote from his review:

There is a lot to love about this book; it is a clear guide on how - and why - to go from paper music to digital music. What I've failed to note is that Mr. Sung also brings a great deal of humor to the book, so it doesn't read as a dry academic text (not that all academic texts are dry - but we all know some that are). Quite the contrary - it seems as if Mr. Sung is having a conversation with the reader. He definitely seems like the type of person that would be a great friend and colleague - this comes through in the tone of the book. Also check out the checklist for using digital music at the end of the book - very practical advice from someone who is already on the journey.

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