Mike Massé Uses the DUO, MANOS & OnSong to Cover the World

Mike Massé is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist who would classify himself as a “YouTube musician.” He has a YouTube Channel of 200,000 subscribers where he posts acoustic classic rock covers that have gained over 60 million views. Mike started by posting videos of his monthly gigs at a pizzeria in Salt Lake and began to grow in popularity when his acoustic performance of Toto’s Africa went viral accumulating over 10 million views. Posting videos of his arrangements online for the past 10 years and playing live shows all around the globe has enabled him to achieve his dream to, “Cover the music, Cover the world.”



YouTube has been a great place for Mike to be able to catalogue his tasteful arrangements which are now at close to 200 songs. At his early gigs he would take requests and needed to have all of his songs on hand ready to play in a huge book. When Mike went digital with all of his music, he got an AirTurn DUO Bluetooth footswitch and an iPad with OnSong to create and play his arrangements. Mike shared with us, “One of the nice things about using AirTurn to control OnSong is that I never have to actually touch the iPad. I typically use the AirTurn pedal for two things: I use it to start scrolling a song and I also use it to switch songs.” With his AirTurn DUO, Mike can focus on performing and never have to touch his iPad for an entire set! For Mike, this allows for a lot more concentration on the performance and means no more heavy book to have to worry about.

Mike has been through several different tablet mounts and mic stands since he’s had his iPad but he was thrilled at the design of the AirTurn goSTAND and MANOS mount. About the MANOS, Mike said, “It’s more versatile than other mounts I’ve used because you can use any size device and you don’t have to buy special clips for it that fit your device specifically.” Mike also talked about past tablet holders that put the iPad at difficult, hard to see angles but with the MANOS, Mike can pivot the iPad exactly where he needs it. Using this universal tablet holder along with the compact goSTAND allows Mike to easily travel on the road with lightweight and reliable gear.

Through Mike Massé’s discovery on YouTube, he has been able to have a large impact on musicians and listeners all around the world. Using digital song charts and AirTurn products allows Mike to continue to grow his song list without every worrying about his book being too heavy to carry with him.

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