Introducing the DIGIT III

Introducing the DIGIT III

Introducing the DIGIT III

Available May 6th


Wireless Remote Control for Tablets and Computers

  • Navigate presentations from the palm of your hand using 

  • Keynote, PowerPoint, and more

  • Take a selfie or snap group photos.

  • Record video remotely.

  • Control your media player apps from any room. 

  • Customize buttons for even more app control.

  • Record; arm your tracks without having to be at your computer.

  • Attaches to a keychain, lanyard, or strap. Rechargeable battery with 150 hours of continuous use. 


Works with Bluetooth 4.0 equipped phones, tablets, PC and MAC. Comes with USB charging cable and can be plugged into any USB power source. 6 user programmable buttons with iOS (Android programmable soon.)


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