Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Since their inception, video games have been largely inaccessible for limited mobility gamers. From input options to ease of use, the industry has failed to truly support these gamers. All of that changed in the Fall of 2018 when Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a large programmable and expandable controller designed for making gaming more accessible for limited mobility gamers. This initiative vastly improves gaming options and experiences for these gamers.

In addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, there are a number of various external switches that can be plugged into the Adaptive Controller depending on what type of mobility is required. However, many of these switches are out of the price range for some gamers.


Welcome the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series!

Gamers can utilize a single, dual, or quad switch system with included extension cables for minimal cost and setup. The switches can be easily operated by foot, hand, elbow, or head and can be mounted to just about anything. Whether you’re on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series will work for you!


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