Choose Your Feel

AirTurn offers different switch types that allow users to select the best 'feel'. 

Considering your use case, number of switches, and environment are also important when choosing your AirTurn pedal. 

We have several different models available so you can find the "feel" that's right for you - touch, tactile, and silent. 
  • AirTurn PEDpro is a touch-silent pedal that uses a light press to actuate. Works like the button on a microwave. Best used with hard bottom shoes.
  • AirTurn DUO500 and QUAD500 have tactile-silent switches for those wanting no sound in performance or recording environments.
  • AirTurn BT500S-2S-4, and S-6 use tactile-quiet steel switches for positive switch feel but have little to no sound. Great for pedal board users.

In addition to “feel”, it is important to consider number of switches. If you simply need to turn pages back and forth, then a two-switch model will be sufficient. However, if you need start/stop/skip/record functions or you are activating lights, then a four or six-switch model will be a better option. Some apps may limit the number of functions.

Environment is also an important consideration. If you are in a studio or theater, a silent option, such as the DUO500, is preferable. However, if you are performing a rock concert, then steel switches and a stomp style footprint, such as the BT500S-2 may be a better option. 

View our Bluetooth Pedals collection to choose your favorite. ​


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