Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

iBooks has been re-released as a new version called Apple Books, and is now much easier to use with AirTurn products! Say no more to setting up Switch Control Recipes!

For use with an AirTurn DIGIT or DIGIT III, simply use the left and right arrows to turn pages in Books. If you are using a footswitch BT200 product, you will need to reprogram your pedals in order for this to work. Simply follow the steps below to get going with Apple Books!

1. Download and launch the AirTurn Manager App

2. Connect your pedal to the app

3. Select your desired Mode and switches

4. Assign the "Left Arrow" for moving pages backward and "Right Arrow" for moving pages forward

5. Go back to the main menu and select "Save to AirTurn"


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