AirTurn Goes Remote

AirTurn Goes Remote

On March 13th, in anticipation of corona virus shutdowns, we made the decision to start remote operations. Even our production staff is working from home! Does that mean we can say our products are "Home-Crafted"?

We have always had cloud-based technology underlying our whole company but how do you build products in the cloud? Well you can't, but, if we figure it out we'll let you know. So office staff at home was a no-brainer.

From our whole team at home to all of you at home, we wish you good health and hope you get time to make music and master all the latest and greatest in the technology that will make you better!

We are open 9-5 M-F Mountain Time. Someone will go to the warehouse every day to ship your order! Phone and email support still operational. Please don't mind the occasional screaming kid or barking dog.

Thanks for your business!


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