Worship Band in Hand

Worship Band in Hand

We believe in the critical importance of worship. It moves our hearts in ways nothing else can. Our goal is to create tools to help and support worship teams. In doing that, we built the Worship Band in Hand app that gives worship teams of all sizes new options and abilities for services and rehearsals.

Band in Hand Gives You Unparalleled Flexibility:

• Loop any section of a song on-the-fly during live play

• Rearrange a song into any order by dragging song sections around (add new sections, remove sections to shorten a song, change the order of the sections that are there)

• Change the Key and/or Tempo of any song

• Change the volume of individual instruments in a song

• Set List Synchronization between devices*

• Playback Synchronization between devices*

• Upload Your Own Songs!**

• Stand-Alone Click Tracks

• Hands-free control with a Bluetooth Foot Pedal (AirTurn) for playing and looping

Use Band in Hand to Improve Your Rehearsals:

• Loop a section of a song to play it over and over until you're confident you've learned that section.

• Play along with a click and real band, no matter where you are, to become a better musician.

• Solo an instrument to hear how that part is played.

• Slow down the song using our tempo change to make it easier to learn a new song.

• Look at chord charts or lyrics on your device while Band in Hand plays in the background.

*The Set List and Playback Synchronization In-App Subscription is $9.99 USD per month and renews automatically.

**The Custom Multitrack Songs Upload In-App Subscription is $6.99 USD per month and renews automatically.

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