Set Marks and Play Sections

PlaySections is an audio/video player that allows you to freely set marks and play back specific sections of your audio/video files. For example, while you're playing music, you can insert marks where the song transitions between the verse and the chorus, dividing the song into sections. Then you can pick a section from the generated section list and listen to any part of the song. PlaySections features useful functionality including loop playback, tempo/playback speed adjustment, pitch shift, vocal cancellation, and a 7 band equalizer, making it a perfect app to use in instrument, vocal, or dance practice, or when playing music by ear.

Many Uses

  • Set marks for intro, verses, chorus, instrumental solo
  • Set chord progressions and lyrics for each section title
  • Practice of playing musical instruments, singing, and dancing
  • Analyze music structure, chords for music dictation
  • Great for language learners, transcription from audio files of meeting/conference


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