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Newzik is the only sheet music reader app on iPad & iPhone that allows all the musicians to read and manage PDFs, Lyrics & Chords and MusicXML scores but also audio & video files.

Import, organize, transpose, annotate, synchronize and of course… turn the page with your pedal!


EASY FILE IMPORT Import your files via Dropbox or mailbox
MULTI-FILE TITLES Combine MusicXML, PDF, .txt, MP3, MIDI, MP4 and even Youtube links in a single title
VERSIONING Create personalized versions within the same title
LYRICS & CHORDS EDITOR Write and edit lyrics and chords songs
FREE CONTENT Download millions of free lyrics and chords files and PDF scores via the Newzik forum.
SHARING Send titles and playlists by e-mail with your fellows
CLOUDED LIBRARY Access your secured Library anywhere, anytime
MUSICXML READER Resize the score and the bars will automatically reflow to fit the screen. Choose the tracks to display, set your MIDI mix…
ANNOTATION Use our homemade pencils, highlighters and musical notation stamps
TRANSPOSITION Transpose scores, chords and MIDI files
VISUALIZATION See finger’s right position on a fretboard or keyboard
METRONOME Set your own tempo
SYNCHRONIZATION Synchronize your scores with audio or video files
PEDAL PAGE TURN Flip pages manually, automatically or with a Bluetooth Pedal
COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST Share online synced playlists up to 100 musicians. Title/versions adding are seen in real time by the whole group
REAL TIME ANNOTATIONS Annotations are seen in real time by the whole group
LEADER/FOLLOWER MODE As a leader, connect up to 100 screens together via wifi.
SYNCED SCREENS The page turn & title change will be synced and replicated on the followers’ screens


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