iWinScore4u for Musicians

iWinScore4u for Musicians

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OS: Windows/PC

Price: 3.99

This UWP app, iWinScore4u for Musicians, is a digital sheet music reader and management tool running on Windows 10 devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets (especially the Surface Book and Surface Pro) and even mobile devices as long as they meet resolution requirements. It is developed for musical students and professional Musicians. Nevertheless, music lovers who need to read, use and/or collect sheet music files can also use it.

Significant changes have been made since its publication to improve app's performance, functions, UI and reliability. A free fully functional trial version is available for evaluation purpose at the request of customers. It supports many essential functions you want. You may use it to import a sheet music file and display pages in single page, two pages, half page or two half page mode in either a landscape or portrait orientation. You can also display cropped pages and edit/show/hide annotations. A newly added background color palette lets you specify a favorite background color for a specific sheet music. Moreover, the app provides you with a built-in metronome, which may be particularly useful while practicing a new song. The app also provides a couple of ways so that you can turn page by hands and by a pedal as well such as AirTurn’s Hands-Free Page Turner BT-105/106, a well-known and reliable Bluetooth pedal. When using hands to turn page, you may tap left and right side of the screen or upper or lower part of the left and right side of the screen, depending on which one is convenient for you at that time. While the app, by testing, supports BT-105/106 pedal, any pedal-like device with Bluetooth can be used for page turning if it provides PgUp and PgDn signals via Bluetooth.

From the first time when you use the app, all metadata you edited for the song can be saved to database and loaded to the app, and thus it can once and for all avoid creating metadata over and again. Consequently, you may maintain a song library, organize songs with setlists and collections, retrieve songs by property keys, etc. Furthermore, you can specify existing audio files (mp3, wav and flac) to associate with a song and play back for reference later. You can also record your own playing sound and video and play back, to name a few. In the new version, media files can be exported from the song library. In addition, a built-in whiteboard may provide approaches to communication and a relaxing way of filling your leisure time.

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule about how to use this app. Because it supports PDF files, with these useful features, you might find, to your surprise, that iWinScore4u for Musicians may serve as an unusual PDF document reader and have a lot of fun with it.

It is sorry, however, that watermarks were added on the pages in the trial version to highlight its trial fact. If the app meets the application needs, you can click the In-App icon on the home page to purchase the in-app (add-on) from the Windows Store to get better experiences and serve as a real professional tool.

Main features:

Importing and displaying PDF sheet music files.

Providing settings to meet user's preference and use scenarios.

Displaying music score in single page, two pages, half page or two half pages mode.

Editing with a pen, fingers, mouse or keyboard, showing/hiding annotations.

Cropping song pages to improve visibility.

Supporting landscape and portrait orientations.

Supporting page turn by hands or AirTurn's Hand-Free Page Turner BT-105/106.

Providing a metronome with audio, visual and audio plus visual effects.

Building song library from imported files.

Managing setlists and collections.

Editing and maintaining songs' metadata (properties such as composer, type, edition and instrument).

Retrieving song file based on selected property keys.

Saving and loading annotation, cropping data and other metadata.

Backing up and restoring storage including all relevant data.

Providing a built-in recorder to record user's playing sound and supporting MP3, WAV and FLAC encoding.

Playing back audio with MP3, WAV or FLAC encoding.

Supporting up to 12 background colors for choice.

Supporting video recording and playback (MP4)

Supporting PDF file type association launching

Supporting media files export

A built-in whiteboard


iWinScore4u for Musicians Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for iWinScore4u for Musicians, a sheet music reader UWP application. This app helps and allows users to manage their songs containing their own files and view those songs (scores). Users may use this app to maintain metadata of the songs in the song library, including properties of the songs, setlists and collections of songs and associated audio files. All information is stored in the user's device. We do not collect and transmit any information of our users. While the app uses Internet (client), Bluetooth, microphone, music library and removable storage, all have limited access by users.

Usage of Internet by this app: Users may purchase add-on from within the app. The app invokes Windows API to connect to the Windows Store, which may use Internet. The app does not support other Internet access.

Usage of Bluetooth by this app: Users may pair a Bluetooth pedal with their device to turn song pages by the foot pedal. When users use the pedal, the pedal transmits Page down or Page up signal via Bluetooth interface to the user’s device, which makes the app control page turn. The app does not use Bluetooth to transmit any signal.

Usage of microphone, camera and music library by this app: The app uses a microphone and/or camera when the user wants to record his or her performance. The recording is stored in the music library of the device and may be played back by the user later. Users may also associate their own audio files with a song, which are also stored in the music library of the device running the app.

Usage of removable storage by this app: The app accesses removable storage only when users want to import their song files from the removable storage such as a USB card. File format is limited to PDF only.

Once again, we declare that the app manages user's song-related data and all these data are accessed only by the user, meaning that the app and the developers do not log or collect any of this information for other purposes.

Contact information: If you have any questions about this policy, please e-mail hhgordon@163.com.


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