Fakebook - The Real Book

Fakebook - The Real Book

Website: http://www.skrivarna.com/

Support: software@skrivarna.com

OS: Android

Price: 2.98

Thousands of pro musicians agree that Fakebook is the perfect gig companion, and a real bargain at this price.

Sure, you love your well-worn Real Book, dog-eared at all the right places, sharpie-corrected at all the wrong, stained with coffee and beer... Still, the Fakebook app gives you all the tunes you need. In the pocket. And it even looks like The Real Thing. The Fakebook music reader comes preloaded with chord progressions for more than a thousand of the classic jazz standards from The Real Book ed 1,2,3,4,5... Instantly transpose the collection for Bb, Eb or F instruments, or transpose individual songs to suit the soloist or singer. Easily add and edit your own songs or import PDF, chord charts and lyrics from other formats (e.g. iReal Pro / iReal b, ChordPro or ABC notation). Include your precious original songbooks or paper-napkin fakesheets using the phone's camera, import stored photos or PDF books from the web. All charts and images can easily be shared using mail, Facebook, Bluetooth and more. The always accessible search bar, the browser and the list editor provides instant access to all songs. Great on a jam or when taking requests! You can store and edit setlists, easily drag and drop songs to reorder, add and delete to create your own songbooks. When on stage, just swipe to the next chart or use a wireless foot pedal. Thanks to the new lyrics support Fakebook is ready for any gig. Fakebook is the ultimate tool for practicing. The app includes more than 1500 Spotify links for the pre loaded Real Book jazz standards. Search Spotify and YouTube with a single click. Or use the built-in metronome, which remembers and synchronizes to the tempo you choose. The unobtrusive live metronome guides you also without sound.


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