BandHelper is an online service with companion mobile apps designed to organize your band and power your live show.

You can enter your lyrics, chords, set lists, stage plots, events, income and expenses into the iOS or Android apps, or use the web interface from your computer, and everything will sync to your bandmates' devices automatically. And on stage, you can use Bluetooth remote control, auto-scrolling, screen sharing, backing tracks, click tracks and MIDI, all from a customizable screen layout.

A few things that distinguish it from other apps:

- Besides its repertoire and performance functions, BandHelper offers time-saving features for scheduling gigs, building stage plots and tracking your band’s income and expenses.

- BandHelper includes iOS and Android apps, plus a web interface you can access from your computer, and all your data syncs between them automatically.

- BandHelper account owners can provide full or read-only access to band members, and band members can add their personal lyrics, chords and notes alongside the band’s shared data.

AirTurn pedals (HID or PED) can be used to…

- Change songs

- Change pages in a song

- Scroll a song manually, or pause and resume auto-scrolling

- Pause and resume backing tracks and adjust playback volume

- Play tempos and reference pitches

- Send MIDI data

- Cycle through custom screen layouts

- Switch to other apps

More detailed blurbs are on the home page:


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