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About AirTurn

From the music to industry of all types, wireless controls are playinging a ubiquitous role when interacting with computers and portable technology of all kinds. While the music space is AirTurn's prime focus, solutions are customized for all industries from assisted technology to medical and industrial.

Our logo represents the letters "A" and "T" in the form of two folding pages. The green color represents environmental awareness. The blue color represents the energy of technology. AirTurn has been manufacturing wireless products since 2008. With multiple product lines, AirTurn can meet the needs of a wide variety of discriminating users.


All products except the goSTAND, SMC and BOOM are made in the US. While some components do come from other parts of the world, all plastics and circuit boards are made locally. Finish goods are completed and tested in Boulder, Colorado by AirTurn staff.

Plastics used are all of superior quality. The blended plastics in the foot switches are virtually indestructbable. The mechanism in the ATFS2 will last for millions of uses. All components meet RoHS standards.

AirTurn's commitment to quality is paramount. But parts none-the-less may fail. That is when our customer service department steps in by phone or email to take care of you quickly to repair or replace your unit.

AirTurn supports hundreds of thousands of customers in 40 different countries!

Environmental Commitment

Since inception AirTurn continuously innovates new ways to reduce waste. From office paper to defective products, recycling is a top priority.

Reuse is also high on AirTurn's priority list to reduce waste. For example, all circuit boards come in anti-static foam trays and master cartons that can be returned to the factory to be refllled with zero waste being generated in transport.

All batteries are recycled with a certified battery recycling facility and customers who do not have a local way to properly dispose of batteries may return them to AirTurn for recycling. Using the rechargeable products in our BT-106 line helps even more by retaining batteries for 5 years or more.

The same policy for electronics. They may be returned and AirTurn will recycle all the componets for customers.

Customers can take advantage of several upgrade offers to further encourage waste reduction. Older products may be traded in for new versions for 50% off the list price! Keeping electronics and plastics out of landfill is important to AirTurn!

AirTurn Inc.

1668 Valtec Lane Unit G

Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 888-247-1223 International: 720-381-1706
Fax: 720-863-0988 Email:

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