Android AirTurn Manager App

AirTurn Manager is back for Android and better than ever! More devices are supported and Android versions 6-10 are supported. Customer feedback has been incorporated. Contact support if you have any problems. AirTurn Manager is available on the Google Play store today.

Supported AirTurn models include:
DUO 200
QUAD 200

How to Use the AirTurn Manager App

TEST YOUR AirTurn: When you press a pedal/button on your AirTurn it will be highlighted on the image. You can also use your AirTurn to scroll when reading the manual or FAQ.

CONFIGURE YOUR AirTurn controller
: Configure the keyboard/mouse/MIDI actions when a pedal/button is pressed for each of 7 modes, the repeat rate when you hold down a pedal, and how long before the AirTurn powers off when idle. (Note: MIDI is only in MODE 7)

UPDATE YOUR AirTurn controller
: If a software update is available for your AirTurn you will be notified and provided with details of the update. If you choose to go ahead and update the software it will automatically be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to the device.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the below steps to successfully pair your AirTurn device to Android AirTurn Manager

Pair your AirTurn device with an Android phone or tablet:

1. Power on the AirTurn pedal by holding the power button for 2 seconds.
2. Briefly press the MODE button until the red LED turns off. Both LEDs should flash once. This indicates the AirTurn device is now in MODE 1.
3. Open Bluetooth Settings on your Android device, and find the AirTurn by model name in the available devices list. Tap it to pair.
4. Before exiting Bluetooth settings, tap the gear icon next to the paired AirTurn, and turn off “Use as Input Device”.
5. Open AirTurn Manager, select the device model you’re trying to pair, and select your device from the list once it appears.