Behringer FCB 1010 with an AirTurn can be challenging unless you know some tricks. Here's how we use this set up!

The Setup

We set up a unit that had the Uno firmware and used the LG-FCB Control Center software, which makes the process easier. The Uno firmware is necessary to get the easy to set up stomp box mode.

The Wiring

Xavier at Uno shed light on this issue by sending us a schematic of the switch. While it seem natural to just plug the AirTurn BT-105 or DIGIT directly into each of the switch output jacks on the back of the FCB board, wiring using mono plugs caused only one channel to function. Solution: a splitter cable which plugs into to each of the AirTurn inputs. To purchase an splitter cable please follow the link to the AirTurn online store: BT-105 Splitter Cable

This is how to plug in the AirTurn BT-105 to the FCB 1010:

You can also Velcro the BT-105 to the back or top of the board to reduce clutter.

The Software

Using the LG-FCB software, we have three steps for setting up the FCB. We will not go into the full instructions for using the software. You can get them here. These instructions assume you understand how to upload and download presets and operate the software and you have selected the preset you are going to program.

First you need to select the Uno stomp box mode. Click on the FCB-Uno label on the board.

Select from the following screen:

Select FCB-Uno option. Select stomp box mode and whether you will use the upper or lower row for the stompbox switches.

Next, set switch relay output method by clicking on the Global Configuration title on the software.

Then set the switch options as shown below:

Now click on the Preset Configuration option:

Change the icons from the stomp box icon to the momentary icon by Switch 1 and Switch 2.

Click on Button 1 so the light lights up. Check SW1 in the Switch box.

Click on Button 2 so the light lights up. Check SW2 in the Switch box.

Save the file, dump the patch to the board and you are ready to go.

Provided by AirTurn, Inc