In this article you will find instructions on setting the Modes using the AirTurn QUAD with the BT-105 or DIGIT.

The AirTurn QUAD comes equipped with either the BT-105 or the DIGIT. Each pedal is plugged into the ports in order from left to right. In this article we will cover mode setting steps for each of the four modes on the BT-105 and the extra fifth mode on the DIGIT.

Setting the mode:

  1. Turn off the AirTurn device (BT-105 or DIGIT) by pressing and holding the power button on the AirTurn for approximately 2-3 seconds.
  2. Hold down the correct pedal(s) for the mode you need. Please see the graphic above and the table below to determine which pedal(s) to use. If you are using the DIGIT you may press and hold the button on the top of the DIGIT transceiver. Please see page 15 of the User Manual for more information.
  3. Turn on the AirTurn device and keep the pedal or DIGIT keypad button depressed.
  4. Release the pedal or button after 1 second or after you see the first green blinking light.
  5. You should see a red blink, x green blinks (where x is the mode number; e.g. 1 green blink for Mode 1, 2 green blinks for Mode 2, etc.) and a red blink. The profile is now set to your selected mode. If you do not see the light sequence which corresponds to the desired mode, please repeat these instructions beginning with step 1.

BT-105 or DIGIT

Mode 1 (PC/Mac Mode): Pedal 1

Mode 2 (Numbers mode): Pedals 1 and 3 (simultaneously)

Mode 3 (iPad/Tablet Mode): Pedal 3

Mode 4 (Assissted Technology Mode): Pedal 2


Mode 5 (iTunes, Camera and Video): Press the center button on the DIGIT

For additional mode setting information please see: The AirTurn BT-105 and DIGIT User Manual

For additional technical support please contact us and an AirTurn Support Representative will help troubleshoot with you.