If the BT-105 is not connecting to your iOS device(iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, iPhone please follow the instructions included in this article.

Pairing the BT-105/BT-106 to an iOS Device

1. Turn off the BT-105 or BT-106.
2. On the device, go to the Bluetooth settings (Settings, General, Bluetooth). Tap the AirTurn serial number in the Bluetooth list. Tap the "i" in the blue box to the right, then tap Forget this Device and then Okay. (If the AirTurn serial number is not showing, skip this step)

3. Turn off Bluetooth on the device.

4. Turn the BT-105 or BT-106 on. When blinking green every second, press and hold the power button for 6-8 seconds or until you see it blink red/green/red/green very quickly. If the BT-105/BT-106 turned off, turn it back on.

5. Turn on Bluetooth on the device.
6. The BT-105/bt-106 should appear after 5-10 seconds depending on the model.

7. Tap on top of the serial number when it appears and it will connect in a few seconds.