Here is a step by step walkthrough on how to pair the AirTurn BT-105/BT-106 or DIGIT with a Bluetooth-equipped Android tablet.

1. Go to Settings and turn Bluetooth off.

2. Turn your BT-105/BT-106 or Digit On. When it is blinking green every second, press and hold the ON/OFF switch for 6-8 seconds, or until the LED light blinks red/green/red/green very quickly. Let go. If the light turned off, turn it back on again.

3. Turn the Bluetooth settings ON on the Android.

4. Tap the "Visible" box so that a check mark appears.

5. Tap Scan for Devices in the upper right corner.

6. The AirTurn serial number will show in the Bluetooth list. Tap and it will Pair.

7. Once Paired, tap the AirTurn serial number again to begin the Connecting process. It will ask you to type a series of letters/numbers. Click Next or Continue.

8. Once Connected go to your App to make sure you are able to activate page turns (if not, you may need to change the Mode)

Note: Some Android tablets do not have the ability to connect to external Bluetoothe keyboards. The AirTurn needs Bluetooth HID compatibiity in order to work. Make sure you have the newest operating system installed. Contact the manufacturer if you are not able to connect your AirTurn to your tablet.