1. Choose Your Device

Tablets, Computers, and Smartphones with Bluetooth 4 are compatible.

2. Choose Your App

We have hundreds of compatible apps to read music, scroll lyrics/tabs, trigger backing tracks/effects, MIDI, photo/video, lighting, and more! Search our compatible app list for the functions you need. Some apps may be default on your device and others will be available for purchase in the Apple or Google Play store.

3. Choose Your Device

We have several different models available so you can find the "feel" that's right for you - touch, tactile, and silent options. View our Bluetooth Pedals collection to choose your favorite.

4. Pair & Play

Easily connect your device and pedal, open your selected app, and enhance your experience with hands-free app control. View our Holders & Stands if you need a mounting solution. Enjoy the Freedom to Perform!