If your PC does not have Bluetooth or just has outdated Bluetooth drivers, the AZiO USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter version 2.1 will add the Bluetooth functionality your PC needs to use an AirTurn BT-105 page turner.

Sometimes using Bluetooth with Windows 7 can be tricky, so here are instructions to use your BT-105 page turner with the AZiO USB Bluetooth Adapter:

1. Install the AZiO drivers using either the CD or by downloading the drivers from the AZiO website.

2. Plug in the AZiO Micro Bluetooth Adapter

3. Go to your computer’s Bluetooth settings

4. Click “New Connection” and turn on your BT-105.

5. Choose Custom Mode

6. Choose your BT-105 from the list of Bluetooth devices to connect to.

7. You will be asked to choose a service to use. Choose Human Interface Device and click next.

8. You will receive a message to prepare to connect to the remote HID device. Make sure your BT-105 is still turned on and click OK.

9. Name your connection and hit next

10. Click finish

AZiO support is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (PST):

Telephone: (866) 468-1198

Email: support@aziocorp.com