Here's how to change modes on your BT-105 with a BOSS FS-6 Dual footswitch.


The BT-105 comes with four Modes and is set up by default to Mode 3 which will work with most applications. To change the profile, you will need to use the splitter cable provided with your unit (Dual FS-6 units only). Additional splitter cables are available to purchase here: BT-105 Splitter Cable


The DIGIT comes with five Modes. This includes all of the modes of the BT-105 and adds Mode 5 which can be used to drive media applications to play and pause music tracks or to use your tablet's built in camera. The DIGIT is also set up by default to Mode 3 which will work with most applications. The keypad on the face of the DIGIT can be used for mode setting.

Setting BT-105 Modes Using One BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch

1. Connect your splitter:

To change to profile 1, insert the splitter into the left jack (closest to the red power switch) on the BT-105. Then, plug the cable coming from the FS-6 into the white end of the splitter to change to profile 1 or the black end of the splitter for profile 2. For profiles 3 and 4, plug the splitter into the right jack of the BT-105 and use the white cable for profile 3 and the black cable for profile 4.

2. Turn off the BT-105.

3. Hold down the A pedal. Turn on the BT-105.

4. As soon as you see the BT-105 start to blink green, release the A pedal. Your will see a green light flash and then a number of red lights flashing that correspond to the profile number, and then a green light. If you do not get that result, try again. The timing is about 1 second before you must release the power button.


See the BT-105 manual for details on characters associated with each profile.

In order to use the Boss FS-6 with the BT-105 Bluetooth page turner, you will need to use our custom cable connecting the center A port on the FS-6 with the two BT-105 input ports.