If you are one of the many folks intrigued bythe small foot print occupied by the BOSS FS-7 foot switch and wondered if it works with the AirTurn BT-105 and BT-106 Bluetooth transceivers...well sort of.

If you power the FS-7 the way Roland intended it to be used, you can do everything you need with the AirTurn BT-105 and BT-106 Transcievers. The gotcha is that if it is not powered the results are not as good. While it does work, the switch works the opposite of what you would expect. So to turn a page for example, and you press the pedal, nothing happens. But when you release the pedal the page turns just fine. So if you can get used to that behavior then the FS-7 will work well for you both powered and unpowered.

Setting the Mode Switches

Be sure to set the FS-7mode switch on the side in momentary mode or you will not get it to work. The parity can be set to switch I when using AirTurn cables.


Using the AirTurn Cable for Boss FS-6, you have a plug-n-play solution. Just plug the 1/4" side into the AB port, the 1/8" plugs into the AirTurn Transceiver and you are ready to go. You could alternately use two Cable for Boss FS-5U. So if you already own an AirTurn product and have an FS-7, the cable is the missing link.

Which AirTurn Product?

If you don't already own an AirTurn Transceiver, get the DIGIT. With the DIGIT you can plug in the BOSS FS-7 and you are ready to wirelessly control hundreds of functions on your iPad, Android, PC or MAC!

How About 2 FS-7's?

If you want to have four functioning switches, you can get two Dual FS6 Cables and plug each 1/4" plug into the AB side of each FS-7 and then the 1/8" plugs into each side of the BT-105/BT-106. This now gives 4 independent switching options.

Have Fun!

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