Your AirTurn BT-105 comes with an internal re-chargeable battery that lasts approximately 100 hours per charge. Read more to learn how to charge and care for you battery.

Charging your BT-105 battery:

Charge your BT-105 with any USB charging source including a computer or a 4.5-5.1 volt wall charger (the iPad charger cube works well). Charge the BT-105 turned on or off; it may be used while charging.

The BT-105 uses a mini USB male plug to fit into the charging port. The cable provided with the BT-105 may be plugged into any USB charging source.

Most wall sources will provide enough current to charge the BT-105 in less than an hour. A computer, however, puts out very little current and may take 8-10 hours. If the computer goes to "sleep" mode, it will no longer provide current for charging.

If you charge the BT-105 while turned on, the indicator will provide the status of the charge:

  • Solid Red indicates less than 10%
  • Solid Yellow indicates 10-75%
  • Green indicates greater that 75%

Charging signals are not as precise as the battery gets older. If it charges to yellow but never goes green, it does not mean the battery is dead. You may still get a couple more years of 50 hours or better per charge even if it only charges to yellow

Deep Cycle Recharge

If you run down the battery completely, circuitry on the BT-105 will intentionally slow down the charging process to preserve the battery. A recharge will take at least 24 hours on a wall charger. You also will have to reset the charger circuit due to the low battery condition. Simply turn off the unit and turn it on again.

The battery will take about 1500 recharge cycles.

Battery Replacement

The battery should last 3-5 years (not guaranteed). The battery may be replaced by any qualified technician using a 3.7V 200-500mah Lithium Polymer battery with a circuit protector. AirTurn will also replace the battery for a nominal charge. Do not dispose of batteries into the landfill and recycle properly.

You can also power the board with a DC power supply. The power may range from 3.6-9V DC. The solder terminals for the regulated DC power supply are marked Red1 for the positive lead and Blk1 for the negative lead. Do not put power into the existing battery port as it may damage the circuit and or the power source.