This article provides steps to ensure the successful operation of the AirTurn BT-105, BT-106 and DIGIT II by setting the appropriate power save settings on a Windows 7, Vista, 8 or 10 machine.

1. From the Start Menu find the Control Panel and select Power Options.

2. The Power Options Control Panel Item will Display.

3. Ensure that Power Saver or Eco (depending on your Windows version) is clicked. Now click Change Plan Settings. The Power Options diaglog will open.

4. Click "Change the Advanced Power Settings" and the "Power Option" dialog will open.

5. On a Windows 8.1 machine click "Change Settings That are Currently Unavilable".

6. Click the + box next to "Wireless Adapter Settings"

7. Click the + box next to "Power Saving Mode"

8. From the drop-down choose "Maximum Performance" for both "Battery" and "Plugged In"

Windows 10:

Power & Sleep
Additional power settings
Eco/Change plan settings
Change Advanced power settings
Click the + box next to Wireless Adapter Settings
Click the + box next to Power Saving Mode
From the drop-down choose Maximum Performance for both On Battery and Plugged In