The AirTurn Manager App allows you to test your AirTurn's functionality, read manuals, FAQs, and for the PED, PEDpro, and DIGIT III you can update the firmware and customize the key commands for each mode.


TEST YOUR AIRTURN: When you press a pedal/button on your AirTurn it will be highlighted on the image.


READ MANUALS FOR YOUR AIRTURN: Read the manual specific to your AirTurn model. For some models an FAQ is also provided. You can also use your AirTurn to scroll when reading the manual or FAQ.


CONFIGURE YOUR AIRTURN PED, PEDpro, AND DIGIT III: Most apps will respond to the default messages of an AirTurn device without any customization required. However if you are using an app that requires different key messages you can configure the keyboard/mouse actions when a pedal/button is pressed for all modes, as well as the repeat rate when you hold down a pedal, and how long before the AirTurn powers off when idle.


UPDATE YOUR AIRTURN: If a software update is available for your AirTurn you will be notified and provided with details of the update. If you choose to go ahead and update the software just connect to the manager app directly with your device and it will automatically be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to the device. Once the update is complete you will need to complete the pairing reset procedure and re-pair to the device.