You may not have a natural gift for making great speeches, but you can still use of one of the best tools for drastically improving the quality of your speeches: the Teleprompter.

A Teleprompter is a device that shows the words of a speech projected onto a special piece of glass that shows a reflected view of the words for the speaker on one side and a transparent view on the other so that no one else can see what's being read. The words scroll at controllable speeds, usually by a separate operator. Teleprompters help you deliver your speech with confidence, eliminating the fear of memory slips and minimizing stutters.

Teleprompters are used by speakers in live events as well as on broadcast TV, and typically cost around $20,000 (not including the salary you have to pay for someone else to operate it). That's fine if you have a presidential or network television budget, but fortunately for the rest of us, there's a much cheaper solution: tablets.

To use a tablet as a makeshift teleprompter, all you need besides the tablet itself is a teleprompter app and a way to hold your tablet for comfortable, hands-free viewing. There are even options for using remotes for controlling the speed of the scrolling script that are much cheaper than the $5,000 price tag for professional teleprompter controllers (and you don't even have to hire someone else to operate the app!)

Here are a few teleprompter apps to check out:

iPad Teleprompter Apps:

Android Teleprompter Apps:


For holding your tablet like a teleprompter, check out the Manos Mount. It's a universal mount for tablets, meaning that it will accommodate iPad and Android tablets up to 8.5 inches wide. The Manos Mount screws on to any standard microphone stand and can be adjusted to rotate and tilt your tablet for the best view. If you need to use a microphone, then you can get the Manos Mount with a side mount, saving you the clutter of an extra mic stand.

Instead of hiring that teleprompter operator, you can get a set of Bluetooth pedals like the AirTurn BT-105, AirTurn DUO and AirTurn PED and control the teleprompter apps yourself hands-free. The most basic 2-pedal models will give you the option to play and pause the scrolling script. With the 4-pedal model, the QUAD, you can assign various functions to each pedal (depending on the app) so that you can speed up, slow down, or jump to various points in your script.