AirTurn | TAP Transceiver

TAP Transceiver

Customized remote control to improve your performance!

Experience customized app control. Take your percussion practice and performance to a new level.

  • Read music and scroll lyrics
  • Trigger backing tracks and effects
  • Customize DAW and MIDI control
  • Capture video, photo, and more!


TAP Transceiver Performance

  • At 150+ feet, AirTurn leads the industry with maximum operating range.
  • Lightweight and durable construction allows you to throw it your gear bag and go.
  • A rechargeable battery provides 150-200 hours of play time with a single charge.
  • TAP Transceiver works with devices that have Bluetooth 4 or higher. Windows computers must have latest MIDI over Bluetooth features to support MIDI connection. (Early model iPads will not work.)
  • Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED.
  • Power Saving - Automatically turns off when the host tablet or computer is turned off.

TAP Transceiver Customization

  • May be used with external momentary triggers, such as the Roland BT-1.
  • Choose from 7 default modes that cover most apps or assign custom keystrokes and shortcuts as well as MIDI commands using the free AirTurn Manager app.
  • Adjust a full range of settings including: Keyboard strokes including modifiers, MIDI Commands and Notes, Auto-Repeat, Idle Time, Low Power or Fast Response Mode, Debounce, and Switch Types. Switches may be defined as Momentary, Latching, Pulse or Command.
  • Two pairing methods. Open pairing lets you store the connections of up to 8 different devices for instant connections. Closed pairing stores the connection for only one device and does not connect erroneously to other devices.
  • Use multiple devices: Configure up to 8 devices at the same time for max customization.

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MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.