AirTurn | Custom Codes for AirTurn Controllers

Custom Codes for AirTurn Controllers

Need a special code sent to an application?

Want to rearrange the codes sent from each pedal?

Need one to start and stop back tracks and one to scroll lyrics?

Are you a developer or product manufacturer looking to do something completely new?


You do not need custom codes if you have a Pedpro, BT200 or BT200S series product. You can customize them yourself with the AirTurn Manager for iOS, Android and Mac.

The BT-105/106 or PED* can be programmed for you to send the key or keys (up to 4 in a sequence). Keys can have modifiers such as Alt, Shift, Cntrl, etc. and can be consumer reports such as play pause, etc. When you purchase this option, we will send you a form to fill out to indicate which keys you want to send. Programming will take about 2-3 business days to complete from receipt of your program sheet.

*Note: The PED, PEDpro and DIGIT III can be programmed with a free app downloadable from the Apple MAC store and used on a MAC computer or the AirTurn Manager app from the Apple App store. They are both free.