AirTurn Bite Switch

If you need both hands and feet to play your instrument, you can use a bite switch to turn your pages. It utilizes a very gentle bite to operate and is extremely easy to use. If you need both hands and feet free to play your instrument, you can use a bite switch to turn your pages. This is a single switch, so it plugs into either the forward or backward port on the AirTurn. It does not turn pages both directions since it is a single switch.


Bite Switch

The Bite Switch is comprised of a durable, sealed tubular switch assembly measuring 1.5 inches long (3.81 cm) by 1/4 inch diameter (.63 cm), a 36 inch (91 cm) coaxial wire, and a 3.5mm plug. During use, the switch is placed in the mouth with the wire pointing either to the right or left.

Biting anywhere on the red section ("bite zone") actuates the switch and triggers. There are two tactile ribs so the user can instantly feel the bite zone with their teeth and lips. The required bite force is about what it would take to bite through a small carrot, or about how hard the average person can comfortably bite on their own finger without pain.

The actual depression of the switch mechanism is only about 1/8", so very little jaw movement is needed. As a result, head motion is extremely small. It should always be bitten only with the front teeth, not with the sharp canine teeth, and only hard enough to slightly flatten the tubular portion. Usage otherwise may deform the internal components or puncture the flexible casing and cause a malfunction.

Weight: .2 lbs (90 gms)

For sanitary reasons this item is not returnable unless it is found to be defective.

Your bite switch has given our daughter the ability to communicate with the world!

Our non verbal paraplegic daughter uses your bite switch instead of a keyboard or mouse to be able to type out her thoughts on her computer. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!

— Christina N. on March 28, 2019

Great Customer Service

I am a quadriplegic and love to game on my xbox. I use AirTurn's bite switch with my xbox adaptive controller to help me play. I had to send back a bite switch because it was the wrong plug. Customer service was polite and took care of me. They sent me a brand new switch super quick. Thanks!

— Blake H. on January 23, 2019

Airturn Bite Switch

My husband purchased it for me. It works but I find it awkward. As a female keyboard player it is difficult to keep it in the correct position. I will work with it and figure out how to make it usable for me, I certainly like the idea. Mary Lee Mistretta

— William M. on April 6, 2019

Great potential

Although I see great potential in this product and it does work as advertised, I would rather not keep it in my mouth. Perhaps a holder, like for a harmonica, would be the answer. If anyone invents a support for the Bite Switch please let me know. Many thanks and good luck!

— Randall M. on April 2, 2019

Works great

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. My only very minor complaint is that the wire is not long enough and it’s very stiff so always has lots of kinks in it. That’s a bit of a problem when you want something that falls cleanly away from your mouth and into a unit by your side. If they fix that I’d give it a five star rating.

— Philip H. on March 31, 2020

Look Ma, no hands!

This is a lifesaver!! I’m preparing for two organ concerts in Europe, and I’m using two iPad Pros using ForScore linked with the companion Cue app, so I can view two pages (and TURN two pages) at once, without having my hands leave the keys, thanks to this handy bite switch. I have it linked to a BT-106 DIGIT, which I keep in my shirt pocket. The whole setup is fantastic! LOVE IT!!!

— William C. on November 2, 2018

AirTurn Bite Switch used to control a computer for speach

Our daughter is a stroke victim with Locked In Syndrome. She cannot speak, she can only speak with her eyes (blinking). She is a paraplegic. One thing she can do with ease is bite! Using this miracle switch, she can "bite out" her thoughts and needs. It is a God Sent! Bless you!!

— Stamatula S. on August 21, 2018

Follow up to August 17, 2016 review

The replacement functioned flawlessly for about 7 months. Eventually the red area perforated. I find it much more functional and ergonomic to place the switch in the side of my mouth rather than in the front, but that exposes it to the sharper surfaces of canines and bicuspids, so I'm not surprised that this eventually results in failure. I have gone through two more devices since. I have solved the problem of the wire facing sideways when it's in my mouth by placing the BT-106 in my pocket and passing the wire around the back of my neck. That way the weight of the wire is supported and there is very little rotational torque on the switch when it is in my mouth. I do wish they would redesign with a thicker membrane so that the switch can be used in the side of the mouth. I have much less of a problem turning two pages at once with the bite switch than I did with the tongue switch, although it still happens occasionally. (Note to development: how about a switch that turns forward with a short bite and turns back with a long/held bite?)

Having said all that, I really love this device, and it has revolutionized my approach to organ playing. I now play exclusively from my iPad, and it is fantastic to be able to have multiple versions of the same piece with different markings for different instruments, and put together seamless recital programs without having to shuffle books. For the time being I'm willing to buy two per year despite the price, because I'm hooked.

— anonymous on November 3, 2017

Update to August 17, 2016 review

I ultimately did receive a replacement bite switch, and it has proved durable and reliable despite fairly heavy use. The switch covering is just starting to wear through a little after about 6 months of use, so I anticipate that it may malfunction soon, but I've gotten pretty good mileage out of it. It works extremely well, and I am now a total convert, having used it in a number of organ concert performances and church services (I also use ForScore on an iPad). I'll never go back to paper again!
I have found that it works best in the corner of my mouth, not between the front teeth; it's much more stable there and I don't feel like I'm constantly adjusting its position. That way, I am biting with the molar teeth which are flatter, rather than the sharper edged incisors, which I believe should cause less wear and lower likelihood of puncture. I put the BT-106 in my shirt pocket, and run the wire of the switch across the back of my neck. This takes all of the weight off of the wire and eliminates torque on the bite switch so that it does not turn when my mouth is relaxed (try this, Ron!). I do have to be careful not to clench my teeth when playing so that I don't activate the switch accidentally, but I'm now quite used to it. I will happily buy a replacement when this one fails; my only reason for not giving 5 stars is that it would be nice if they lasted a little longer, but it does have to take a beating so I guess it's to be expected.

— Jeff Snedeker on January 26, 2017

Great concept, works great, but needs to be rotated 90 degrees!

I am an organist, and I immediately purchased this when I saw that it was available! It does take a little getting used to (coordination, timing, etc.) I found myself turning two pages at once for awhile, but eventually I got used to it.

My only complaint actually has to do with the design itself. When properly positioned between the front teeth, the wires come out laterally. Thus, there is always muscle tension in the mouth, because if you let the wire fall down, it is in the wrong orientation and the bite will not work (or takes much more energy to reorient the device.

They need to redesign this so when the device is placed between the front teeth in bit position, the wire goes straight down. As it is, I find my jaws getting tired from holding the devices in place.

Using this with "ForScore" on an iPad.

— Ron Weiler on January 21, 2015

Finally A Clever Solution To Page-Turning On The Pipe Organ

At first I thought the idea was "strange." But then, given all the alternatives, there wasn't anything else that could provide hands and feet-free page turning capabilities. Once I understood how the BiteSwitch worked, and how to hold it properly at the front of the mouth, it actually solved the problem. Of course, having a something hanging out of my mouth was a bit unnerving, but, hey, if it works, it works! I'm using it with MobileSheets for Android. By the way, the Customer Service was great!

— Doug Skelly... on February 21, 2014