AirTurn | AirTurn Interface Library for Android and iOS

AirTurn Interface Library for Android and iOS

AirTurn Interface is an iOS framework and Android SDK which makes it simple to support the AirTurn products in your App.

For the PED, PEDpro and DIGIT III you can set up to use our GATT (AirTurn Direct) mode so that you do not have to rely on an HID interface.


Main features:

  • Support The AirTurn PED, PEDpro DIGIT III and BT-105/106.
  • Full UI and modern example project provided, both open source and well commented
  • Thorough documentation will get you up and running in minutes
  • All AirTurn modes and ports are supported — no need to worry about how users are using the foot switch
  • Static and dynamic framework for iOS. Download for Android
  • Approved by Apple in many Apps in the App store

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MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.