AirTurn | AirTurn AT-104 Page Turner

AirTurn AT-104 Page Turner

Designed for older computers with no internal Bluetooth. Check your computer specs for Bluetooth before purchasing.

The AirTurn AT-104 is a wireless page-turning transceiver for Windows PC computers. Ideal for musicians who need to read digital sheet music while keeping their hands on their instruments, the AirTurn AT-104 is designed to work with two foot switches for forwards and backwards page turns (foot switches available separately as an add-on purchase). The AirTurn AT-104 comes in two parts:

  • The AT-104 wireless transmitter, which connects to one or two momentary foot switches (foot switches available as a separate add-on purchase)
  • The wireless USB receiver, which connects to a host computer's USB port


  • Easy to use with no software to install! Simply plug the receiver into the USB port of your Windows or MAC PC and connect the transmitter to a wide variety of momentary foot switches and pedals with 1/4 inch male to male cables.
  • The AirTurn AT-104 can be used with one foot switch to turn forwards only, or with two foot switches to turn forwards and backwards.
  • Each transmitter and receiver is paired with a unique ID, allowing for multiple AirTurns to be used in the same space. Perfect for bands and large music ensembles.
  • The AirTurn AT-104 transmitter runs on 2 AA batteries for up to several weeks at a time (actual usage may vary).
  • Approximately 100 foot wireless operating range between transmitter and USB receiver.

The AirTurn AT-104 will work with most momentary switches that have a 1/4" audio plug. The AirTurn AT-104 will sense whether the switch is normally open or closed (often referred to as polarity in music switches). Because some switches have varying degrees of debounce or poor contacts, check here for a list of AirTurn's recommended foot switches.

The AirTurn AT-104 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Surface RT and Windows 8 only - not compatible with Windows XP or iOS devices like the iPad (for iPad and iOS controllers, see the Bluetooth AirTurn for Tablets and Computers)


  • AirTurn AT-104 wireless page-turning transmitter
  • Wireless USB receiver
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Instruction manual

Weight: .5 lbs (226 gms)

Shipping Dimensions: 6"W 2"H 8"D

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