If you ever thought about adding MIDI control to your keyboard or other MIDI device, the latest and greatest tech has made it fast and easy! The release of the WIDI Master wireless Bluetooth adapter breathes new life into your MIDI world.

All current AirTurn devices support MIDI over Bluetooth and can be connected to a CME WIDI Master, enabling wireless control of any device with a MIDI port. For example you can send MIDI commands to your keyboard such as sustain pedal to notes.

For a test we brought out a Kurzweil 2600SX, a more than 20 year old keyboard. It was the perfect partner for the WIDI Master and AirTurn pedal! What a great way to add new controls to older tech!

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Getting Set Up

MIDI on the AirTurn is enabled by holding the MODE button (the button with the four dots and lines) for seven blinks of the red LED. You will see seven blinks repeated back to you confirming the setting.

Plug the WIDI Master into your MIDI device and it will connect immediately as noted by the blue LED blinking more slowly.

Programming MIDI Commands on the AirTurn

Use the AirTurn Manager free app to change CC, notes and custom MIDI codes. Download the app from the Apple app store for Mac or iOS. Disconnect from your MIDI device and change to MODE one by pressing the MODE button once. Next connect to the device that has the AirTurn Manager and you can then go to Port configuration and change the settings for MODE 7. Go here for more details on using the AirTurn Manager and here for more details on MIDI changes. You can also change most items on an Android but no quite as much as the Mac and iOS.

Take wireless control of your MIDI instrument with AirTurn and the CME WIDI Master.

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