In July 2018, AirTurn released Version 2.0 of the firmware for PEDpro, PED and DIGIT III. Upgrade for free

using the AirTurn Manager for iOS or Mac OS and get some cool new features. From Open Pairing to

MIDI, your PEDpro, PED and DIGIT III can do even more!

Open Pairing

With the 2.0 release, AirTurn has introduced new options for pairing. (Yes, we have been listening to

your comments). The Open Pairing Method means that you can connect your PED, PEDpro, and DIGIT III

to up to 8 devices. Now that does not mean 8 devices at once, but if you use your PEDpro with a tablet

and computer you can easily connect to each separately without removing the pairing from the PEDpro.

Keep in mind however, if you are in a band with multiple PEDs then you must be careful as to which one you

are connecting. Don't like this new feature? Want to stay always connected to one device? No

problem just connect to the AirTurn Manager App and switch the pairing method to “Closed”. There is

also a hardware shortcut if you prefer. With power off, hold down the MODE button and turn on your

PED, PEDpro or DIGIT III. You will be switched back to our traditional Closed Pairing Method.


With 2.0 you now get a MIDI option. From Garage Band to Ableton, you can use your PED, PEDpro, and

DIGIT III to trigger effects, create a sustain pedal or whatever MIDI switching you'd like to do hands-free.

Let us know what you use your AirTurn for and we'll share with our readers! You can change your MIDI

messages using the AirTurn Manager on iOS or Mac. MIDI is currently supported for iOS and Mac OS

only. Android and Windows support will be available soon.

Updating Your PED, PEDpro or DIGIT III

Updating your device is an easy task. Download the AirTurn Manager from the Apple App Store to your

iOS or MAC computer. Open the Manager and select the connected device you wish to update. You can

adjust many different settings from the AirTurn Manager.

Download the AirTurn Manager for iOS here.

Download the AirTurn Manager for Mac here.